Not bad!
I accidentally read the last one in the series first, but thankfully there was enough tantalizing details to get the gist of the love stories of the three other sisters.

As for Josie herself, I'm glad to read of a heroine who is considered to be fat within her own time (though the cover art entirely misses the major motivations/psyche of the character). This is unusual for what I've read since most romance heroines are very slender.

I enjoyed the topsy-turvey lives of the multiple characters interacting and swapping partners. Though while I enjoyed the rival's surprise twist, at the same time, I feel kinda "meh" that outcome was used to explain her uh... "frigid" attitude towards her fiance.

The other major romance in the background was far more interesting than of Josie and her guy. Fortunately, about a third of the book was dedicated to that love affair.