Welcome to the DML!
Welcome to the DML!

We are excited to announce that on Friday, June 15th, we are opening our Digital Media Lab (DML)! The DML's purpose is to give the Darien community access to high quality equipment for their digital projects. The room and equipment is reserved for special projects instead of general computing which is available in the Power Library. The lab was made possible thanks to the Friends of the Library and a reverse auction held at this spring's Imagination Gala. 

Just some of the equipment in the Lab:

  • Mac Pro with 8GB of RAM
  • Dual screen monitors
  • Bamboo Touch tablet
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Light kit
  • Greenscreen

Need some project Ideas?

  • Interview your relatives for a family history report
  • Scan your photos or 35mm negatives and slides
  • Take photos or shoot videos
  • Create Flash animations
  • Digitize your VHS tapes
  • Podcasting
  • ...the possibilities are endless!

To make a reservation, please contact the Help Desk via email or call 203-669-5238.

Use of the Lab is available for Darien residents, those who work in Town, and Friends at the $300 level or higher. The Lab will be available for two to four hour reservable time slots. Members fourteen and up may use the Lab unassisted while anyone younger needs to be with an adult.