The KIC Scanner is located by the Reference Desk near the stairs.

Darien Library is now home to a Bookeye 4 Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC) scanner. The KIC scanner will save you time and money by allowing you to just scan the information you need from books without printing a copy out!

How to use KIC:

When you find a book or document that you wish to scan, bring it to the KIC scanner. Set the item on the KIC scanner with the pages open to the selection you would like to copy. With a push of a button, the KIC will scan the pages onto its screen in full color. The KIC scanner can handle books of a variety of sizes, and scans up to a 17-inch by 24-inch area at a time.

After scanning, you can crop and enlarge images from the touch screen to the right of the scan bed, and retrieve your images in a variety of ways::

  • save scans to a USB
  • email the scan as a text searchable PDF
  • create an audio files

Got questions? Just stop by the Reference Desk and ask for help!