Note:  You'll need Mac OS 10.8 or higher to be able to use this service. To find your version of Mac OS, click the Apple icon in the top left corner and choose "About this Mac". 


Step 1. Connect your laptop to the "Darien Library" WiFi network if it's not already connected.

Step 2. Download the software for Mac Laptops, if this is your first time using the service, otherwise, skip to the next step. After the download is complete, open your download folder to find the zip file, double-click to unzip and then double-click the "DarienLibraryPrintClient" Installer file. You may need administrative priveleges on your user account to complete this step.

Step 2.1 If you get a prompt that your security preferences only allow apps from the Mac App store, here's how to change your settings: open System Preferences and select Security and Privacy.  Under the General tab, click the lock and enter your administrator username and password.  Under Apps downloaded from, select Anywhere.  Finish by selecting the lock button and opening the zip file to begin installation.

Step 3. After installation. use the 'Spotlight" search tool which is the magnifiying glass icon at the top right of your screen, to search for "PrintControl" and click on the application. You can also open your applications folder and look for the PrintControl icon to launch. You will be prompted if you want to connect to the Wireless Printer. Select Yes. 

Step 4. Once lanched, a box will pop up on your screen asking to fill in your information. Enter your library card number in the space provided and then you must select "Darien Wireless Printer" in the Zone ID dropdown menu. If successful, a small box will appear at the lower right corner of your screen.

Step 5. You are now ready to print! From your application or browser, access the printing function as you would normally, shortcut Command + P.  In the list of printers, make sure to change it from the default to "Wireless Printer" in the list. If printing from Google Chrome, sometimes you may need to select "Print using system dialog..." option at the bottom of Chrome's print dialog to be able to access the regular print menu to select the "Wireless Printer" in the list of printers. Click Print to send your job to the wireless print release station.

Note: When printing from a web browser, always use print preview to see what your pages will look like before sending your job.

Step 6. Once your job is sent, visit the print release station on the 2nd floor of the Library located along the wall of the main reading room. Enter your library card number on the screen and click the button to search for submitted print jobs. Select a print job from the list and click the Print button. You'll be able to choose to print your job in either color or black and white. If your print job has a cost, you can add money at our Kiosk near the Xerox printer lcoated at the opposite end of the room. Make sure to close your session on the print release station when you've finished releasing your print jobs.

Step 7. If you are done with printing, click on the terminate application button to close the small window at the lower right of your screen. The next time you use the service, you can start from step 3.