All equipment checkouts are limited to Darien residents, those who work in Darien, and non-resident Friends to the Library at the $300 level. Please contact the Help Desk at 203-669-5238 if you have questions. 

Auto Scanner

4 day checkout

This car diagnostic tool helps you understand what those codes your vehicle are flashing mean. We have the Enhanced Actron CP9580A AutoScanner Plus OBD II, CAN & ABS Scan Tool.

eBook eReaders

21 day checkout

The Library has serveral types of ebook readers available for checkout:  Nook, Nook Color, Touchscreen Nook, and Sony Reader Daily Edition. Each eReader comes in a tote bag with: a USB cable, a power plug, a case, and a Quick Start Guide. Those eReaders are demonstrative only, so you cannot choose your own eBooks to add to them. If you would like to choose your own eBooks, ask to borrow a 3M eReader from the Welcome Desk to access the 3M Cloud Library eBooks.


7 day checkout

The iPad comes with a USB cable, power plug, black leather case, iPad dock, and a tote bag. 

Doxie Flip Scanner

7 day checkout

Do you have family photos you'd love to scan? This wireless scanner is perfect to take with you on the go. It runs on batteries and saves your images to a SD card. If you have a larger picture, simply remove the cover and flip the scanner upside down to scan the big picture a bit at a time.

Kill-a-Watt Meters

14 day checkout

The Kill-a-Watt Meters measure the energy consumption of electrical appliances. The meters circulate in a protective carry case, along with detailed instructions for their use, with or without a power strip. The meters measure energy consumption in volts, amps, watts, Hz, or kWh.

LCD Projector

4 day checkout

The Library has an Infocus IN1112 Projector available for use by local non-profit organizations. The projector is designed for use with a PC-compatible laptop and comes with a VGA cable, power cord, and remote control. Mac users must supply an appropriate dongle that works with their computer.