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You Are What You Read!

Greetings and Welcome to the Peak of the Leaf Peek Edition of You Are What You Read.  According to the Yankee Foliage Guide (yes, this is a Thing) we are at Peak this weekend. So get out there on Saturday and enjoy them before Sunday’s rain knocks them off the trees for you all to rake up next weekend and at least 3 weekends after that.  Our Housekeeping this week is as follows:  There were no Offerings at all this week and our pants thank you.  In Animals Run Amok News there was a Moose on the Loose in Wasilla, Alaska yesterday.  This Moose felt the need to try to enter a Safeway grocery store but was thwarted by a store employee who blocked entry.  The full details and film can be found hereMary Lee Shark is still hanging off the Jersey Shore doing whatever it is that she does.  And really?  Mary Lee is free to do whatever she wants, except maybe walking into a Safeway.  I don’t think she can do that.  Yup pretty positive that’s not going down.

The Word from The SoNo Loft is Listen to Your Future Self, which is fitting considering all the attention that was paid to Back to the Future Day on Wednesday.  For those living under rocks who may have missed it, October 21, 2015 was the day that the movie Back to the Future Part II  was released 30 years ago (*gasp*) focused its attention on. The movie got a lot of stuff right.  The whole nostalgia for the 80’s, drones, video conferencing, voice activated appliances.  They also got some stuff wrong for which we should be thankful.  Have you watched that movie lately?  The Fashion is cringe worthy.  And, of course, the poor Chicago Cubs have failed yet again.   What would I tell my Past Self from the view here?  Well, I would tell her to enjoy the babies more, they vanish in the blink of an eye.  Yes, you need to floss.  Put down and walk away from the cigarettes.  Go and visit your Mom and Dad and really talk to them.  Please for the love of all that is holy do not perm your hair. Blue eyeshadow is a big big mistake.  Sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat are really your best friends. Love more and worry less.  Say yes more and say no more prudently. The thing that makes me wistful is that from here on out we are living past the future of Back to the Future. And I don’t think I am alone in feeling the nostalgia that Fall can provoke.   Happy Weekend People!  Go forth and embrace the future.

This week we have some fashion, a myth, and an opening window.

The Playlist?  Our forward thinking selves would never let you down in that regard!

Let us begin!

Sweet Ann is listening this week to I'll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with A Twist by Betty Halbreich and Rebecca Paley.  “I listened to this memoir which is read by the actress Jane Curtin.  It is  the story, written at the time that then eighty-six year old Betty was still, (and perhaps still is) a personal shopper at the exclusive Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.  The memoir includes many stories of fashion and celebrity.  The most poignant celebrity story she shares was her relationship with Joan Rivers.  She said she was one of the nicest, most generous women she ever worked with.  There is much about fashion in this memoir but you also learn about Betty's very lonely childhood and how her clothes growing up almost became her companions.   I am not a person necessarily into fashion, but I found Betty's life and stories quite fascinating.”

Lisa our Fellow from the CL is checking in this week.  “I just read A Song for Ella Grey by David Almond. It’s a modern retelling of the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice that takes place in Northern England in the last few weeks of high school. It’s very lyrical and mysterious,  Orpheus really could be a wandering son of a god and a muse, or he could be a handsome bum. The wild joy of being young is beautifully told and its mythical qualities give it roots. It made me research both the original myth and Almond’s ideas behind the novel. All in all, a wonderful way to tickle your brain.

The Always Delightful Pat S is reading a book that I must say I am finding surprisingly endearing,   A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan.  “This is a charming and touching tale about the delicate balancing act that constitutes ‘having it all’. Alice Pearse is a late thirties/early forties married mother of three enjoying a part time job in publishing in NYC and her life as a suburban soccer mom. Yet when Alice’s husband Nicholas finds out he didn’t make partner at his white shoe law firm and decides to set up a practice on his own, Alice’s life changes abruptly. Returning to the workforce fulltime, Alice finds what she believes will be a dream job for a new concept start-up Scroll, (think Amazon) whose mission is to re-invent reading. Egan’s’ description of life at a startup is funny and clever with its’ silly jargon and outsized employee expectations. Just when she thought she was getting the hang of things, Alice finds out that her fathers’ cancer has returned. Egan is as keen in her descriptions of children and domestic life as she is in her parody of the modern workplace, but her real gift is her snapshot of that moment in time when one is being pulled every which way by the demands of life and loved ones. This is a quick, enjoyable read that everyone can relate to.

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from That State Up North with her final musings and, of course, our The Playlist.  What’s good Pats? “If someone had told me when I was 21 years old that my future self would return to Michigan and would raise children and live in a suburb of Detroit, I would have told them that they were crazy. Nope. Never gonna happen and yet, this is exactly where I am now. We never listen to our future selves because we need to experience things before we trust in that truth. This week The Loft encourages us to listen to our future selves. Without a time machine, I’m not sure how that can happen but you can always listen to some tunes about our future selves or this piece from NPR about predicting the future.” 


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Here are the new books available from OverDrive.

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

Foreign Affairs by Stuart Woods

Golden Age by Jane Smiley

Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand

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What Are My Neighbors Up To?

Here is a list of our most popular items this week.

You Are What You Read!

Greetings and welcome to the Farewell Bare Leg Edition of You Are What You Read.  This week’s housekeeping is as follows: there were no Offerings of taffy, fudge or cheese.  The message from The SoNo Loft remains the same (Yes it’s Scary for those who missed last week).  In Animals Run Amok news, Mary Lee Shark has pinged off the coast of New Jersey. The thought is that she is following migrating fish.   Maybe she’ll make her way up the coast for a visit.    Wouldn’t that be fun? 

It looks like this weekend we are going to be getting our first frost.  The National Weather Service has actually issued warnings and they are predicting a low on Saturday night of 37 and on Sunday a low of 35.  Time to get those tender plants that summered on your porch/deck/balcony indoors, People!  Bring them in so that you can kill them slowly. Why let the cold have all the fun?  I have to confess that I had my last bare leg day of the year on Wednesday.  I always think I can make it at least to the third week of October but the Weather Gods always beat me down.  The last couple of mornings, the light jacket has not sufficed and the walk to the train in the morning has been a swift one.  Although there is a lot of green still left on the trees, Yankee Magazine’s Foliage Finder says that we should be nearing peak so get ready for lots of dicey weekend driving on the Merritt and the back roads from our cider swilling, doughnut scarfing, gourd hoarding brethren.  Fall is in full swing so we might as well embrace.  Why not make a nice pot of soup this weekend?  And maybe you bake a loaf of bread to go with it?  Think of the lunch envy you could induce on Monday!  Yup.  I say Embrace the Fall.  We’re in it now for sure.

This week we have some gore (but not Al Gore), detectives, a love story, funerals, London, and a circus (but not Piccadilly Circus). 

The Playlist?  Of course!  We don’t want any Bad Blood!

Kaitlin from the Rock is back again this week.   Here’s what she’s reading/listening to! “Well, I finally finished Go Set a Watchman. I didn't particularly like it, though possibly not for the same reasons as others. I read it knowing that this was not going to be the Atticus Finch we all know and love, so I wasn't totally bothered by that (I kind of just pretended he was a completely different character). What bothered me was that it really was an unedited manuscript, with a lot of stream of consciousness that fluctuated between first person and third person. I felt like I was reading a surrealist piece, and I just found it difficult to follow. Meh.  I'm now listening to In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume, which is off to a good start. The only thing issue for me that the narrator changes--I've had at least 5 different narrators so far--so when you're listening to the book and doing something else (i.e. schlepping along St. Mary's), it's a little tough to remember who's who. I also started reading The Hangman's Daughter, by Oliver Potzsch. It's not really my usual pick, but my boyfriend loved it and thought I might like it to. It's pretty gory and gruesome in a Medieval Bavarian Witch Hunt kind of way, but it's shaping up to be a perfect October/Halloween read so far!”

Barbara M is watching this week and here’s what she loves. “I have been binge watching two really good British series. I’m currently watching Vera which is based on the novels by Ann Cleeves. It’s a detective mystery set in the north of England with a non-conventional woman chief inspector, Vera, played by Brenda Blethyn. She’s scruffy, disheveled, a loner, real-looking and she occasionally takes a nip now and again. It’s engrossing and amusing and I’m addicted. The other show I’m enjoying is The Last Tango in Halifax which also takes place in northern England. The plot revolves around two older people who through a deception do not connect when they were young but meet up again in their 70s and fall in love. The sub-plots are many and although it is a bit like a soap opera I am completely hooked. Both shows have incredible acting and are superbly well-written with breathtaking scenery. “

The Always Fabulous Babs B is here with Good Mourning by Elizabeth Meyer.  What did you think Babs? “This is a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at one of the most famous funeral homes (Frank E. Campbell maybe??) in the country.  Elizabeth Meyer stumbled upon a career in the funeral industry in the middle of planning her own father's funeral, which she turned into an upbeat party with Rolling Stones music, thousands of dollars’ worth of flowers and a personal eulogy.  Starting off as a receptionist, Meyer quickly found she had the knack for helping people cope with their grief, as well as creating fitting send-offs for some of New York City's high powered residents.  This was a fun and quick read.”

Pat T has just finished our number one most wanted book this week.  Here’s what she thought. “I enjoyed Jojo Moyes, After You, which is the sequel to Me Before You. After You picks up with the endearing and quirky Louisa Clark trying to find her away after the death of her friend, Will. She travels around Europe for a time, and then settles in the London apartment Will left to her. However, she seems to be going in circles, rather than moving on with her life. When she joins a group of lost souls like herself called, Moving On! she comes to see that in helping others, she can come to  understand her own loss, and begin to  move forward on a new path.”

Virginia the Tall Cool Texan is admitting to some cultural gaps this week. “Apparently 2011 was a very busy year for me or I was living under a rock, because I missed reading two of the most popular books published that year. Although, I guess good things come to those who wait, because I thoroughly enjoyed the thriller Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson and was absolutely blown away by the lyrical imagery in Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus.  If I had to choose between the two, I would definitely say The Night Circus is my favorite.  Using her vivid imagination, Morgenstern transports the reader to the center ring of the Night Circus and the drama unfolding between two master magicians.  I could literally smell the caramel apples and see the black and white tents when reading this book.  But, if you are in the mood for a thriller, then Before I Go to Sleep is a good choice.”

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from Meat Chicken with the final musings and of course The Playlist.  As usual, we are sharing an obsession and now we are going to rope you all into it.  What’s good Pats? “This week I’ve been obsessed with the Ryan Adams covers of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Maybe you’re a Swifty fan and in this case it may feel a little blasphemous but she’s never been in my music rotation. What strikes me about the Ryan Adams version of this album is that he can take just about any song and make it immeasurably better. This album also points out how really terrible the lyrics are but Ryan’s music rearrangements and voice make a few of the songs really great. My favorite of the covers is his version of Bad Blood
All of this makes me curious and interested in his process. If you’re unfamiliar with him, enjoy a video compilation of originals and his versions here.  So, while the temps drop to freezing tonight forcing me to bring the mums in, I’ll be staying warm listening to some new music. Enjoy the Ryan Adams version of 1989.

Ryan Adams – 1989

New eBooks from 3M.

These are the new titles available from 3M.

New eBooks from OverDrive

Here are the new books available from OverDrive.

Drinking in America: Our Secret History by Susan Cheever

The Last of the President's Men by Bob Woodward

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

See Me by Nicholas Sparks

Thirteen Ways of Looking by Colum McCann

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