New eBooks from 3M.

Here are the new e-Books from 3M:

All Dressed in White by Mary Higgins Clark

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinhem

Rosemary by Kate Clifford Larson

Rules for a Knight by Ethan Hawke

Guilty by David Baldacci

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom

Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by Brian Kilmeade

Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich

You Are What You Read!

Greetings and welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of YAWYR.  The housekeeping this week is as follows:  The Offering this week comes from Pam M who brought forth the Offering of Coconut Patties from the Ft. Myers Airport where she was reunioning with college friends.  Thanks Pam!  Don’t forget we will be closing at 6 on Wednesday next week, closed Thursday and open for regular hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We are T minus 8 days away from The Game.  Let’s go Buckeyes!  There will be no You Are What You Read for the 27th but we’ll see you all back here on the 4th.  In Animals Run Amok news there was this group of random cats who took the stage at the G20 Summit in Turkey.  You can puzzle that over here.   It would appear that it’s a Cat’s World and they are just kind enough to let us share it with them.

I wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving.  As Frequent Visitors know, we will be heading up state to have Cousin Thanksgiving where my sweet cousin, who is a vegan, will suck it up and prepare us a traditional Thanksgiving Feast while heating up some concoction that pretends to be turkey but is not actually turkey and is called Tofurky. On the Whole Food’s website this is described “a plant-based entrée:  tofu-wheat protein roast stuffed with wild rice and whole wheat bread crumb stuffing.” They entreat us to “Gather ‘Round” this.  I will leave her to that.  I have a confession to make: I loathe turkey. Truly.  Always have.  And please understand, this was no fault of my mother or my grandmothers. They were great cooks all of them. I believe it to be a flawed gene and I have indeed passed this on to my own children. This is something that The Traveling Companion cannot fathom and frankly he views this, what he considers to be a character flaw, with a suspicion that is deep and unwavering. What could be more un-American than loathing what should be our National bird?  He keeps trying to cajole me into loving it but I can’t. Now this being said I will eat the sides.  I am down with the stuffing/dressing, the various vegetables, cranberry whatever and I will use any excuse to eat a snowflake roll. But turkey?  I say it’s tasteless and depressing and to hell with it. So whatever it is you are “Gathering ‘Round” I hope that whatever the dish is that makes you happy is in copious quantities.

This week we only have a devastating story.  That is all.  Be thankful that there’s something. There could be nothng. Or there could be Tofurky.

The Playlist?  Well thank your lucky stars we are on that at least!

Let us begin!

Sweet Ann has just finished Days of Abandonment be Elena Ferrante.  “This is the devastating story of a woman's decline after her husband leaves her for another woman.  Olga and Mario have two children when they move to a new town.  Olga welcomes a woman and her teenage daughter's help settling into her new town. When Olga becomes concerned with Mario's relationship with the mother and the daughter but he says he will stop seeing them.  Eventually Mario tells Olga he is leaving her and the children because he is unhappy with their life. To say Olga is thrown by this new situation is an understatement.  She stops eating, caring for her physical self and her children.  You can feel her anguish and fury as she adjusts to what her life has become. This novel contains bad language and some sex scenes that can offend, but it all fits with the character of Olga. While it is a well written novel, it can be difficult and painful to read at times.”

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from Meat Chicken with our final musings and of course The Playlist.  I am just to relieved that she is feeling better this week!  What’s good Pats? “This year we are hosting the annual Turkey Fest in our new digs. We’ll have 24 cousins, aunts, uncles and friends around the table and we could not be more thankful for the occasion to share how much they mean to us. My former life in the catering world means that I have enough plates, glasses and silver to set tables and feed a crowd of this scale. This is another small thing I am thankful for. I am also looking forward to getting my catering chops back up to speed as I am a little rusty. I can safely say that we will all be counting our blessings this year. I hope you enjoy your own Thanksgiving Feast next week with family and friends. Ours here will be served with a big ol’ side dish of gratitude and love. “


New York Times Bestsellers: Fiction

Top Ten Hardcover Bestsellers from the New York Times for the week of  February 7th. 


You Are What You Read!

Greetings and welcome to the Windblown Edition of You Are What You Read. This week’s housekeeping is as follows. There were no Offerings but the chatter around the library is full of people finalizing the who, what, and where of the Big Day on the 26th.  Recipes are being fervently passed between people and cookbooks are flying out the door. The Game Countdown begins with T minus 15 days.  Let’s go Buckeyes!  The animal kingdom seems fairly quiet this week so there is no Animals Run Amok news that I am aware of. Perhaps the weather is slowing them down? Mary Lee Shark seems to be content to linger off the Outer Banks.  For now. 

Frequent visitors to this space know that I have several Things that I just cannot countenance.  It is not a long list as I consider myself to be a fairly reasonable human being.  But please for the love of all that is holy keep me away from Dolls with Teeth, Rodents of All Stripe, and Clowns.  This past weekend I heard about this story on NPR and it so disturbed me that of course I had to dive deeper to see if this was really a Thing.  Because I was convinced that it couldn’t possibly be a Thing.  It was way too disturbing.  But when NPR and the Washington Post decide to cover a story then one really has no other choice to admit to one’s self that, Yes, not only does this exist but it is also a Thing.  Lately in the state of Florida (of course it’s Florida), there have been sightings of a Clown for Hire that goes by the name of Wrinkles.  Wrinkles is a retiree from Rhode Island who moved to Florida about 5 years ago.  Instead of doing normal retiree things like golf, using a white belt to secure your pants in the upper waist area and Blue Plate Dinners, he has donned a clown mask, a pair of black rubber gloves and embraced The Clown Life.  Wrinkles likes to think of himself simply as an old fashioned clown. But he is, in reality, a clown who, if paid money, will terrify your children into good behavior.   “When I was a kid, it was okay to scare kids and now they’re all whiny and scared. I want to bring scary back,” he added.  So, for a price, Wrinkles will come into your world and scare your children straight. He currently is booked through January so there must be a lot of children in need of discipline in Florida. Wrinkles also seems to have no trouble with the ladies but he is trying to keep life simple because “I’ve had enough psycho women in my life already.”  One can only imagine the sort of woman reaching out to Wrinkles.  Anyway, you can read about Wrinkles and his mission here.  If your nightmares need a soundtrack be sure to play the news clip at the end of the story.  Wrinkles’ Rhode Island accent coupled with his smoker’s rasp should do that quite nicely thank you. And if any of you Snowbirds out there happen to have a Wrinkles encounter, try to snap a picture and send it to us.  We are enquiring minds and want to know. 

This week we have cigarettes and booze, France, a nest, twins, classified information and a sandwich.

The Playlist?  Of course!  We’re not clowning around. Promise!

Let us begin!

Kaitlin from the Rock has been suffering through a hideous bout of illness but she seems to be on the mend which pleases us greatly!  Here’s how she spent her confinement. “I am still reading/listening to the same books, but while recuperating from being sick, I binge-watched Mad Men (I'm now in the middle of Season 3). I know I'm a bit late to the Mad Men party, but I'm completely obsessed. I keep finding myself wondering what life would have been like for me in the 1960s. I'm guessing it would have been filled with a lot more cigarettes and booze! It's fascinating to see a depiction of American life that really wasn't all too long ago, but completely different from the way the world is today. In binge-watching, I feel like I've gotten to really know the characters, and I love some of the relationships that have developed, like that of Don Draper and Peggy Olson. Looooove this show!!!”

Pat T is immersing herself in feminism issues. “I am reading Anne-Marie Slaughter's book Unfinished Business which goes beyond Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In to address the issues facing Gen X and Millennial women today. Women have placed unrealistic expectations on themselves; to be the best mother, climb the ladder to a successful and lucrative career, be a loyal and devoted partner, and possibly caregiver for aging parents! Ms. Slaughter suggests the movement that Gloria Steinman and Betty Friedan started needs to continue by breaking free of our present set of stereotypes of women and men, and begin challenging societal conventions. Where to begin? "Telling whole truths and seeing the whole picture is the right place to start" advises the author.  If you don't have time to read this book, I suggest you read the author's essay in the Atlantic titled Why Women Still Can't Have it All .

Barbara M is here with possibly one of my favorite cookbooks of the season which she shared with me and now she’s going to share with you all!  “I’m still reading The Mountain Shadow by Gregory David Roberts and will be for some time but in between I’ve also read In a French Kitchen by Susan Herrmann Loomis and although I promised myself that I would never buy another cookbook I had to break that promise and buy this one. In a French Kitchen is more than a cookbook; it’s also a memoir of an American in France who attempts to uncover the French secret of being able to prepare amazing meals effortlessly.   It is not the size of the kitchen, or the latest gadget that makes a good cook. I personally have seen that the size of the kitchen does not proportionately contribute to the quality of the meal. Two of the best French cooks I know have kitchens that would not be considered adequate for most Americans. Loomis takes us into the kitchens of many of her French friends and describes many breakfasts, luncheons and dinners. In addition to the eighty-five recipes there are recommendations on cookware, what to stock in your pantry and an insight into the relationship the French have with their food.”

This week we are hearing from 3 (!)  of our Children’s Librarians, Nimble Fingered Miz Krishna, Miss Claire Leader of the CL Army and Miss Amy of the Double One Triple Two! 

The Nimbled Fingered Miz Krishna has read The Nest by Kenneth Oppel when she wasn’t crocheting me an awesome hat!  Here’s what she thought.  “Steve is a young boy living with his younger sister and parents and the family has just welcomed a new baby boy to the family. However, something is wrong with the baby. Steve’s parents have spent countless hours at the hospital getting the baby tested and everyone is worried that the baby may not live. Every night in Steve’s dreams he is visited by a mysterious shrouded figure who tells him that the baby can be cured, all he has to do is say yes. Is he dreaming or is this reality?  And saying yes may not mean what Steve thinks. The Nest is a dark supernatural psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.”

Miss Claire, is here with I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. “I finally had an opportunity to read last year’s Printz award winner which is given to a young adult novel that exemplifies literary excellence. After finishing I’ll Give You the Sun it is no surprise how this book made an impact to the selection committee. The novel tells the story of a fractured relationship amongst twins Noah and Jude. The narration flips between both characters and their tragic story unfolds as the reader is moved between the twins at 13 and 16 years of age. I’m definitely a reader that appreciates books that take me on a ride, even if at times that ride may be confusing. This book is for any reader who enjoys emotionally-charged teen fiction that also has a surprise ending. “

Miss Amy of the Double One Triple Two is reading a most adult read, Most Dangerous by Steve Sheinkin.  “Many Americans are familiar with Edward Snowden, and his recent leak of incendiary classified documents. But not as many are as aware of the leak of the explosive classified documents that led to end of American involvement in the Vietnam War. Daniel Ellsberg, a Pentagon insider in the early 60’s, was an activist and brilliant strategist.  Most Dangerous chronicles Ellsberg’s life and how he was also one of a handful of Americans with access to the Pentagon Papers. The papers detailed America’s 23-year involvement in the Vietnam War. When Ellsberg decided that the American populace had a right to know the secrets and lies contained within the Papers, he released them to select newspapers across the country, setting off a chain of events which led to some of the largest protests ever to happen on American soil and caused him to face up to 99 years in prison. Fast-paced facts and dialogue keep readers on the edge of their seats in the newest offering by award-winning author Steve Sheinken.”

Steph is excited about He Killed Them All by Jeanine Pirro. “Robert Durst killed his wife in 1982. Or did he? Even though he was suspected by many, including then-district attorney Jeanine Pirro, his financial and family connections made him impossible to convict. But Durst made a mistake; in attempting years later to cover his tracks, he left a few vital clues behind, and set off a manhunt that led to his arrest after he attempted to shoplift a sandwich  (despite having thousands in cash stacked in his trunk). Pirro never gave up her hopes of convicting Durst, but despite his arrest for shoplifting, the case didn’t break open until Durst made an arrogant and fateful appearance in an HBO mini-series. Pirro is a ball-buster with a LOT of grudges and a fabulous wardrobe, and her book features a lot of asides about both. But even her catty asides and political commentary can’t distract from her amazing role in one of the best true crime stories of the century. Whether you’re new to the case, or have already seen the documentary, you’ll race through He Killed Them All: Robert Durst and My Quest for Justice.”

The Always Delightful Pat S has finished Lady Bird and Lyndon by Betty Boyd Caroli. Here’s where she stands on that! “After years of hearing about the marriage of Lyndon Baines Johnson and Claudia Taylor, I thought this book might be a great start in separating fact from fiction. Certainly Caroli gives full breadth to describing Lady Bird's life before Lyndon-her childhood and young womanhood spent as the daughter of the wealthiest man in a backwater town in East Texas. Anxious to expand her world, Lady Bird got herself to college and found herself the possessor of two undergraduate degrees as well as a Master’s Degree. It was at this point that Lady Bird and Johnson meet, and she clearly recognizes Johnson as the man who will take her out of Texas, and into an interesting and exciting life. And in Lady Bird, Johnson has finally found a woman who will love him without question, provide emotional security and act as his partner in his political career. Was it a deal with the devil? Read and you decide. While Lady Bird is the subject here, Caroli's portrait of Johnson is woefully thin-which leaves the reader wondering if Lady Bird didn’t get the shorter end of the stick in this bargain?

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is sadly under the weather in The State Up North.  I know you join me in wishing her speedy travels back to health.  BUT!  Of course she was able to put The Playlist together to rock us gently into the weekend.  Feel better Pats! 


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You Are What You Read!

Greetings and welcome to the London Fog Edition of You Are What You Read.  This week’s housekeeping is as follows:  There were no Offerings and our pants continue to thank you.   Let’s face it:  we are all in training for the 26th. The Loft continues to be missed.  In Animals Run Amok news there are two emus that are on the loose in Seymour.  They were sprung by, of all things, a pig that lives with them on the farm.  I feel it should be duly noted that the owner’s name is Woozie.  For real.   You can read about that here.

This week we also have some Imprudent Human news.  The Traveling Companion alerted me to this story earlier this week.  It would seem that the crossroads of stupidity, alcohol impairment and feeding time could be found in Omaha this week when a drunken 33 year old snuck into the zoo and attempted to make 'friends' with Mai an 18-year-old tiger with three legs.  Apparently a three-legged-tiger can still move pretty quickly at 7:30 in the morning and a hand makes a fine early morning snack. Please People.  They are not called wild animals for nothing. Stay on your side of the fence. You can read about that here.   

It is a fact that we live in busy times.  Frankly there aren’t enough hours in the day to make everything happen. Our schedules are all taxed to the limit.  As we slide into the Hellidaze I feel it’s important to adopt the mantra that The Important Stuff Always Gets Done. And yes the Hellidaze are right around the corner.  Not only did The Tree arrive at Rock Center today, but we have a mere 20 days til Thanksgiving,  22 days away from The Game, Hanukkah commences 10 days  after that and then only 2 weekends after that til Christmas. Life moves fast people and The Mantra is going to prove to be a Sanity Saver.  So, not only adopt it but really believe it.  Regret and angst over things we couldn’t get through or to is a life suck. Don’t fall prey to that. Embrace and enjoy what you can do! 

This week we have some God-like humans, seasons 1,2,3 , an evil twin and a housewife.  And not just any housewife but an American Housewife!

The Playlist?  You can’t miss it!  It’s right here in fact!

Let us begin!

Laura weighs in on my favorite book of the year Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff.  “Fates and Furies is a story of the marriage of Lotto and Mathilde, like Gods, they are the envy of everyone.  Success, beauty and a love for each other never seems to tarnish or to fade.  They have it all and yet do they?  At the fringes of their lives lay uncharted desires and deftly calculated deceits.  I liked Groff’s writing, which is vivid and atmospheric, and told at a distance, accentuating the God-like quality of the two main characters.  The reader watches as Lotto and Mathilde’s situations unfold wondering when the shoe will fall.  At times, I wished for less distance of reader to character; I wanted inner thoughts; misgivings, grievances, conquests, or musings because the story was a little bit like watching a spectacle.  But still it was masterful and a worthy read.  I am very interested to read Groff’s earlier successes in Arcadia and Delicate Edible Birds and Other Stories. 

Abby is watching this week and here is what she thought of the very popular series Broadchurch. “While it took me time to warm up to Season 1 of the British crime drama Broadchurch which featured a terrific cast led by David Tennant who plays troubled DI Alec Hardy, I became a big fan. When Season 2 was announced I wondered how they would pull it off given how Season 1 ended.  Season 2 deals with the aftermath of a divided and wounded community following an arrest for the murder of a child.  It also introduces some wonderful new characters such as Charlotte Rampling who plays a barrister who leaves retirement to try one last case against her former protégé.  While I go back and forth on how Season 2 ended, I will be on board for the just announced Season 3.”

Sweet Ann  is of course reading some not so sweet stuff. This is just her way. She is here with One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis.  “This thriller has identical twins, one good and of course one evil.  Even at the time of their birth, their mother only wanted one baby and the father didn't want children.  Needless to say this was not the best environment to raise the twins, especially since the second one who could sense her mother's detachment and then guilt for not loving her second daughter as much as the first.  Good twin Emily has a nice life, a handsome husband and beautiful baby boy.  Her twin sister, Caroline struggles with an eating disorder, anger issues and dead end relationships.  One day a tragedy occurs and Emily runs from her husband and baby boy to start a new life.  The novel follows her difficult situation with glimpses into her parents and sister's life at the same time.   I would recommend this book as a quick page turner.  It got a bit farfetched at times, but once in a while you need a book to just take you on a crazy journey.”

Steph is totally on board the love we are feeling for American Housewife due out in January.

I say, “My breath is the Pinot Grigio-est.”
I say, “I am perfectly happy not being a Kennedy.”
I say, “I’d watch a show called Ghost Hoarders. Why is that not a show?”
I say, “You can take your want of a chocolate fountain and go straight to hell.”

"It was at this point in the first story in Helen Ellis’s forthcoming short story collection, American Housewife, that I fell in love. The feeling lasted through every story, and continues on. It’s hysterically funny--I was snort-laughing on my commute and getting very odd looks from the people around me! But underneath the pitch-perfect sentences is a wounded heart, and the best stories had me cringing as I laughed. Ellis uses the second person more effectively than possibly any other short story writer. Absolute delight."

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from That State Up North with our final thoughts.  What’s good Pats? “ This week Jen and I am mourning the loss of the weekly message from The Loft’s Balcony. Life’s like that. We all miss things in our lives, but there are times when we just have to carry on in the wake of loss. I enjoyed the company of a beloved cousin this week from Boston. She’s the kind of person who lights up any room and we were happy to have her for any length of time.

I am finding a few things in the loss of the Loft’s message. We have an incredibly supportive art scene here and it gives me a poke when I least expect it. Seriously. I go into a space, have an interaction (ask a million questions) to an artist in the midst of their piece and we’re both richer for the experience. We met and talked to W.C. Bevan this week about the mural he’s painting in an ideal location in Eastern Market. This art gives me a weekly banner.


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Here are the new books available from OverDrive.

Drinking in America: Our Secret History by Susan Cheever

The Last of the President's Men by Bob Woodward

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

See Me by Nicholas Sparks

Thirteen Ways of Looking by Colum McCann

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Here is a list of our most popular items this week.

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