Love Minecraft? Check out Scrolls!!

Scrolls, the latest game from the developers of Minecraft!
Scrolls, the latest game from the developers of Minecraft!

The creators of Minecraft have begun working on a new game that will soon be released.

While it is not an open world construction game like Minecraft, Scrolls instead dives into the world of collectable card games and turn-based battles.  The game includes many single and multi-player modes including friendly matches, tournaments, and ranked battles.

On the battlefield, your goal is to destroy three of your opponents' five idols at the other end of the game board.  Your deck of cards help the battle with creatures, spells, enchantments, siege weapons and more at your disposal.  Get a scroll in your deck and use it wisely to defeat your opponent

Mojang notes on their blog that when you purchase the game, "you will not start out with all the scrolls available at your disposal. As a young apprentice, you have managed to gather just enough scrolls to venture out into battle, the rest will need to be earned. As you explore the world and win your battles, you will earn gold. Gold which in turn can be used to obtain new scrolls or gear.  On top of this, buying Scrolls will give you a free subscription of a new scroll every week."

Check out the game trailer here:

Scrolls will be released soon even though like Minecraft it is not quite finished.  Start gaming now and get ahead of your friends as new updates are coming soon!

Tech Corner Thursdays

JS GameBoy Color Game Center
JS GameBoy Color Game Center

Ok everyone, this week I thought I'd round up some fun games and apps we've been playing with recently to share with you!

Looking for something new to play?  How about something old?

Check out the JS GameBoy Color Game Center!

This awesome site brings you over 80 old school GameBoy games to play online for free!  They've got Zelda, Kirby, Super Mario Land, Wario, Pokemon and more. 


Next up are two apps we love:

1) iTranslate Voice:  Need help with your Spanish homework? iTranslate Voice translates for you into over 30 different languages!  Check out Erica's review for more info!


2) DoInk: Love DrawSomething?  Wish your awesome drawings would maybe move around or do something cool? Check out DoInk, an app similar to DrawSomething that lets you animate your drawings, share them with other DoInk users, download your animations, and even post to Facebook!


And finally, we've got some updates on Minecraft news to share with you:

Released on May 9th, the Xbox Live edition of Minecraft has already been downloaded a record number of times.  Within 24 hours of its release, Minecraft for Xbox was downloaded over 400,000 times and today is already 2nd on the weekly activity ranking!

Check out CNN's coverage of the Minecraft phenomenon here:

If you've got an Xbox 360 and want to check out the Live edition of the game, make sure you also read these reviews and tips!  The Xbox 360 version is slightly different than the PC version but we hear great things about the multi-player options so check it out if you get a chance.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Tips & Tricks:

Minecraft Xbob 360 review:


Be sure to check back here soon for and update on the upcoming Minecraft Olympics!

If you've got any cool new technology, games, or apps you'd like to share, leave a comment and let us know about it!


Teen Tech Corner

Scale of the Universe 2 by Cary Huang
Scale of the Universe 2 by Cary Huang

Check out these fun things we found online this week!


The Scale of the Universe 2 by Cary Huang:

Explore the scale of objects in the universe with this awesome intereactive gadget!  Made by two teen brothers in California, this project took them over a year and a half to create.  Click on the images to see more information about each object. 

Hint: scale out to 10.8.1 and see how big Minecraft World is!


Play "Super Mario Summary":

This challenging flash-based Super Mario spin-off was created by Johan Peitz.  Reimagining the original Mario game for NES, each the level has been condensed from its original length down to a single screen's worth of gameplay. 


Hacker Typer:

Do you enjoy banging on the keyboard just for fun?  Hate how long it take to write computer codes? Always wanted to look like a hacker but don't actually have the hacking skills?  Check out this fun website that lets you pretend to be one of those cool techy guys just like in the movies!

Hint:  On a Mac, hitting the alt key three times will being up a cool ACCESS GRANTED pop up!



Check out this cool project by some gamers in Germany.  Log on to their server and create a giant version of your Minecraft avatar as a "thank you" to Mojang, the creators of the game.  Hurry though, if you want to create your giant, the project only lasts until May 19th!

Check out this cool promo video:


This week we are jammin to some great Minecraft tunes on Youtube.

Check out these awesome Minecraft parodies of songs like "Form This Way" or " All I Do is Dig"

Some of these songs are also available for purchase in iTunes so you can download them and share with all your friends.


Video Tutorials for Minecrafters

Night time on the Darien Minecraft server
Night time on the Darien Minecraft server

We want to help you play a better game! We know that you may have questions or run into problems while playing Minecraft so we've created a list of videos to help you work through them.

Check out these videos explaining the simple plugins we've enabled to help you with some problems you might experience while crafting.





1) Grief Prevention  

This tutorial shows you how to prevent all forms of grief including theft, spam, and break-ins.  We've installed the Grief Prevention plugin to help.  Grief Prevention stops grief before it starts automatically without any effort from administrators, and with very little effort from players.


2) iConomy

iConomy helps you create a thriving economy on the server.  This plugin allows you to customize every aspect of your currency as well as control supply and demand and hold auctions among other things.


3) Lockette

This plugin allows you to restrict access to the contents in your chests, dispensers, furnaces, and doors.  All you have to do is post a sign directly beside the contatiner you want locked.


4) Simple Spleef

Get your Spleef on!  We've got a spleef arena already set up, build your skills and get spleefing!


5)  Mob Repellent

Repel those angry mobs with Mob Repellent.  Construct repellers that prevent hostile mobs from spawning within a certain distance of your structure.  While it doesnt guarentee mobs won't spawn, it can be helpful!


6) Minecraft Wiki

Wikipedia for Minecraft! For all your Minecrafting needs, Minecraftwiki has all the answers.


7) Darien Library's World Map

Know where you are in the world.  Check out this arial view of the entire Darien Library Minecraft server and see what corners you may not have had a chance to explore yet! 

Know of any other plugins you think we should have?  Do you have any other ideas on how we could improve our Minecraft world here at the library?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


So for the past week I've been playing this free online game Entanglement, whenever I have the chance.  The game is pretty straightforward, but you DO have to have a plan of attack before you place each tile.



  • The object of the game is to make your path as long as possible.  The longer the path, the more points you earn. 
  • Points increase for each tile a path goes through (which is why you need to plan ahead)
  • You have to be careful to avoid the walls because they create a dead end and  cause you automatically lose the game (same goes for the center tile). 

Seems simple, no?  Try it out, see how you do--I've been doing pretty pitifully, but am determined to get better!  If you have any tips, by the way, let me know!

Have fun!

Halo Wars - for the Xbox 360

If you have ever played the popular game franchise Halo, you may just be interested in this real-time strategy adaptation to the title called Halo Wars.

According to IGN, Halo Wars immerses you in an early period of the storied Halo universe, allowing you to experience events leading up to the first Halo title. With the guidance of Serina, a spirited artificial intelligence (A.I.) persona, direct legions of UNSC soldiers, Warthogs, Scorpions, and more, each group having its own strengths and uses in battle. Adventurous commanders can also call upon ancient Forerunner technology, if they are fortunate enough to find it hidden throughout the battlefield.

The game offers 2 player co-op as well as 6 player versus modes. As always, XBOX live is supported allowing you to challenge friends in an epic battle!

The title was officially released for the XBOX 360 platform on March 3, 2009 and is ESRB rated T for Teens.

If this is a game you are interested in playing, leave your comments, and we can source a copy for you to enjoy at our library!

For more info, check out the full IGN review here.



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