(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jannie-Jan)
(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jannie-Jan)

Beginning on Saturday, January 12th-March 30th at 1pm this introductory course for students in 5th-9th grade will offer tweens and teens an opportunity to learn fundamental concepts in computer programming that can be applied in almost any field. Topics will range from basic programming to building advanced data structures and programs, beginning with the basics, but with something for everyone, independent of prior knowledge. This program will be held in the Tech Center in the lower level of

the Library. Topics will include:

•   Basic Commands and Syntax
•   Variables and Data Structures
•   Conditional Logic and Looping
•   Functions and Classes
•   Object-Oriented Programming*
•   Recursion and other Advanced Topics* 

To register please contact Teen Librarian, Erica Gauquier at egauquier@darienlibrary.org or (203) 669-5225.