Want to know me?

Want to see me?

Want to call me?

Want to trust me?

Want to love me?

Want to go private?

It's the summer after 8th grade and Abby Johnson is about to enter high school. That should be exciting enough, but Abby is bored with her life. She is pretty much good at everything she does and nothing is really a challenge. She is beautiful, athletic, smart, and gets prefect grades in school.

Faith is Abby's bestfriend and has been since childhood. They spend all day together in classes and the minute they get home from school they meet up in online chatrooms at Chezteen.com, a new virtual second-life-type website for teens.

Today is like any other day chatting online to Faith except today she starts chatting with someone else in the chatroom, someone she doesn't know. It's not long before "Kyle" wants "to go private" with Abby claiming they have some much in common to talk about. This would be cool except that Kyle is 27 and Abby is only 14.