Banned Books Week 2015

Drama by Raina Telgemeier was challenged in Texas last year.
Drama by Raina Telgemeier was challenged in Texas last year.

Did you know that the majority of books that are challenged or banned are for young adults?

This week the American Library Association puts on their annual celebration of our right to read. The ability to choose what we want to read (free of judgement) ensures that everyone has similar rights. That includes teens!

This year the library's teen and children's librarians are showcasing some of your favorite books that were recently challenged in states across the country.

The Washington Post recently wrote a piece on Banned Books Week, sharing why sometimes people challenge books. If you have any questions about why the public library is against censorship, ask teen librarian, Erica Gauquier.

Are you a Comics fan? Read about challenges to comics from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

TAB: Halloween Movie Marathon

Scary films ahead!
Scary films ahead!
The Darien Library Teen Advisory Board Presents:

A Halloween Movie Marathon 


When: October 27th, 2012 from 4:00PM- 10:00PM.

What: We will be viewing: Casper the Friendly Ghost, The Sixth Sense, & The Haunting!

Where: In the Community Room of the Library.


*This program is open to all teens 13-18 years old.  Come hang with your friends, eat tons of free food, watch scary movies, and get into the Halloween spirit.*

Come dressed in your Halloween costume!

Want to go private?

Want to know me?

Want to see me?

Want to call me?

Want to trust me?

Want to love me?

Want to go private?

It's the summer after 8th grade and Abby Johnson is about to enter high school. That should be exciting enough, but Abby is bored with her life. She is pretty much good at everything she does and nothing is really a challenge. She is beautiful, athletic, smart, and gets prefect grades in school.

Faith is Abby's bestfriend and has been since childhood. They spend all day together in classes and the minute they get home from school they meet up in online chatrooms at, a new virtual second-life-type website for teens.

Today is like any other day chatting online to Faith except today she starts chatting with someone else in the chatroom, someone she doesn't know. It's not long before "Kyle" wants "to go private" with Abby claiming they have some much in common to talk about. This would be cool except that Kyle is 27 and Abby is only 14.  

Turning low tech into high tech

Dixon crossing Niagara below the Great Cantilever Bridge, U.S.A. 1895-1903
-photo courtesy of NYPL
Dixon crossing Niagara below the Great Cantilever Bridge, U.S.A. 1895-1903 -photo courtesy of NYPL


NYPL gives viewers the opportunity to take 19th century images and turn them into 21st century GIF files.


Stereograms, invented in 1838 by Charles Wheatstone, are pairs of two dimensional images shot from different angles in such a way that they mimic the vantage points of our left and right eyes. When viewed through a stereoscope, the combined images pop out in 3D.


Stereograms were hugely popular in the 19th century and often used to give audiences glimpses of parts of the world they may never have been able to see before. Even more recently, NASA has used the stereogram technology to take 3D pictures on Mars to better see what the landscape of the planet looks like.


Last month, the New York Public Library's experimental Labs department ( unveiled its latest digitization project, the Stereogranimator. This cool new tool enables users to take old stereograms from the 19th century and turn them into 21st century animated images. Using the Stereogranimator (, you can choose an image and then the speed and composition of your animation and start creating a flickering image that looks 3D! The Stereogranimator also gives you the option to create an old school red and blue 3D image that can be viewed through 3D glasses (not the ones you kept from that movie you saw last week!).


Check out NYPL's website for other low tech to high tech projects and start making your own animated images today! Add them to your website or next school project!

The Future Of Us by Jay Asher

Josh and Emma are neighbors and best friends, they have been since they were little, but ever since they shared a kiss a few years back they never managed to get over the thought of "what if".  Now it's 1996 and AOL is just coming on the scene. No one in Josh and Emma's high school have the internet yet, not until a friend gives Emma the free trial 100 hours of AOL l start-up disc she recieved in the mail.  Emma is bored one day and decides to give it a shot, but when she first logs on to AOL a website called Facebook pops up onto the screen and a page opens.  A profile page of herself...15 years later.  Josh and Emma have no idea what this "Facebook" thing is, but they do know it's a look into the future and if the future doesn't look good...why not change it now.

Teen Lounge iPad

photo courtesy of Flickr user Ben Atkin
photo courtesy of Flickr user Ben Atkin

Did you know that the Teen Lounge now has it's very own iPad for you to use!? It's already packed with tons of cool games, books, and other fun apps.

If you don't see a game on there that you would like to play, let us know!  To use the iPad while your hanging out in the Teen Lounge just stop by and ask the teen librarian if you can borrow it for a bit.


Sports-Themed Books

Looking for a good YA book that's sports-themed?  Look no further. 

This comprehensive list was compiled from books found in our collection.  All center on sports-related issues, anywhere from baseball, to basketball, to chess (yes! that is a sport in my book), to snowboarding, to football--with a healthy dose of angst served on the side.



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