4th Annual Teen Writing Competition 2013

(photo courtesy of Flickr user tosaytheleast)
(photo courtesy of Flickr user tosaytheleast)

Get ready...The 4th Annual Darien Library Teen Writing Competition is about to begin!

Throughout the years we have met a lot of talented teens here at the Library and we know that many of you love to write. Now is your chance to share your writing and try for some great prizes. Not only is there a $100 for the winner in each age group and category, but this year we are offering a scholarship prize of $500 for one lucky winner. As if that isn't cool enough you will also have the opportunity to meet with published authors and have your work printed and read by a large audience. And can you imagine putting this on your college applications? 

We're so excited to read your work, whether it's poetry, fiction, or non-fiction. If you have any questions about the competition, contact Teen Librarian, Erica Gauquier at egauquier@darienlibrary.org or (203) 669-5225.

*Entries should not exceed 1,000 words or less than 30 lines for poetry*

*All entries should be typed in 12pt font*

*One entry per person*

Registration is now closed. Participants have from February 1st- 28th to enter for a chance to win cash prizes.  An awards ceremony will conclude the competition on Sunday, April 7th.


We Love Wednesdays

Get in the holiday spirit in the Teen Lounge at 3:30 p.m.  Today we will be making candy cane reindeer in all sorts of flavors!

Fundamentals of Computer Programming: Registration Closed.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jannie-Jan)
(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jannie-Jan)

Beginning on Saturday, January 12th-March 30th at 1pm this introductory course for students in 5th-9th grade will offer tweens and teens an opportunity to learn fundamental concepts in computer programming that can be applied in almost any field. Topics will range from basic programming to building advanced data structures and programs, beginning with the basics, but with something for everyone, independent of prior knowledge. This program will be held in the Tech Center in the lower level of

the Library. Topics will include:

•   Basic Commands and Syntax
•   Variables and Data Structures
•   Conditional Logic and Looping
•   Functions and Classes
•   Object-Oriented Programming*
•   Recursion and other Advanced Topics* 

To register please contact Teen Librarian, Erica Gauquier at egauquier@darienlibrary.org or (203) 669-5225.

We Love Wednesdays-Origami

Come and learn some origami folding techniques in the Teen Lounge today at 3:30 p.m.  You can practice many different designs!  Materials and instructions will be provided.

We Love Wednesdays

Learn more ways how to get creative with duct tape!  We'll be making keychains today in the Teen Lounge at 3:00 p.m!

We Love Wednesdays!

Take a break from studying or just hang out and unwind!  Teens are invited to play a board game today at 3:30 p.m.  We will be meeting in the conference room, which is located on the third floor.  

TAB: Halloween Movie Marathon

Scary films ahead!
Scary films ahead!
The Darien Library Teen Advisory Board Presents:

A Halloween Movie Marathon 


When: October 27th, 2012 from 4:00PM- 10:00PM.

What: We will be viewing: Casper the Friendly Ghost, The Sixth Sense, & The Haunting!

Where: In the Community Room of the Library.


*This program is open to all teens 13-18 years old.  Come hang with your friends, eat tons of free food, watch scary movies, and get into the Halloween spirit.*

Come dressed in your Halloween costume!

Scary Books

Check out these books for the Halloween season or any season!  Here is a list of some of our horror book suggestions for teen readers. 

We Love Wednesdays-Duct Tape Wallets

Duct Tape Wallet
Duct Tape Wallet

Learn how to turn an ordinary roll of duct tape into a wallet!  Once you learn to make one, you can make them on your own for yourself or as a gift.  Come join us today in the Teen Lounge at 3:30 p.m!  

We Love Wednesdays-Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi
Candy Sushi

Come join us in the Teen Lounge today for We Love Wednesdays!  We will be making candy sushi in the Teen Lounge at 3:30 p.m.  If you have a sweet tooth, come share your creations!  We will provide Rice Krispies Treats, Fruit Roll-Ups, marshmellows, Twizzlers, and more. 

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