Over the past few months, you have familiarized yourself with many Web 2.0 applications:  Flickr, podcasts, RSS feeds, social networking sites, and, of course, blogs.  What do these applications have in common?  They encourage user interaction with the program and other users, they require user input, and they're constantly changing and updating.  Remember the video from Week 1, which illustrates how Web 2.0 has changed how we create and access information?  Watch it again to see if the terms and applications featured in it are more familiar to you now:



What is Library 2.0?  It’s a term that describes a new way of delivering information to users.  The above description of Web 2.0 also applies to Library 2.0:  a focus on user interaction and contribution, an ability to change as necessary, as well as ease-of-use.  Libraries want to make information and materials easy for users to find and use, both online and in the  library building, and also want patrons to have the best possible experience with the library.   A café, pleasant seating areas, movie screenings, and digital screens that display upcoming and ongoing events are just a few of the ways that Darien Library applies Library 2.0 ideas to the physical library space.

Have you noticed any Web/Library 2.0 applications on the Darien Library website?     

You can see Library 2.0 in action on the Darien Library website in our blogs, Twitter account, YouTube account, and Flickr account.  And those are just a few of the ways we get information to you!   We also want to hear what you think and like, so every blog post and item record offers you the chance to leave a comment, give a book a star rating, or write a review.  At the bottom of each item's page, there's a Community Reviews section and a link to "Write a Review."

THING 19:  Write a review of a book, DVD, or audiobook you’ve recently read or listened to in Darien Library's catalog.

 E-books and e-readers are another way libraries are improving information delivery.  If you’re curious about e-readers, the Darien Library has Kindles, a Kindle DX (the reader with a larger screen), and a Nook available for you to check out and experiment with.  Our tech ninja, Judy, has written a post on our e-readers, which is a fast introduction to what’s available and policies, check it out here.  

Now that you’re Web 2.0 savvy, the internet is your oyster!  We hope you, and your kids, feel more comfortable using the internet for work and play.  There are endless ways to personalize and improve your web experience and the ones we have introduced here are just a few of your many, many options.  Keep exploring and learning!


THING 20: Tag some of your favorite materials in the Darien Library catalog.

THING 21: Star some of your favorite materials in the Darien Library catalog.




"You Know When The Men Are

"You Know When The Men Are Gone". I wrote a review, tagged and starred this book. I didn't even know there was capability for this. Cool!

the kids in town really love

the kids in town really love it (and write hilarious reviews sometimes) and we keep seeing more and more interest in it. a good way to keep track of your reading!!