We all browse and search the web because that is what the web is for!  This week we are going to focus on different searching features.

Often times, we use the browser that comes with our computer; Internet Explorer for PCs and Safari for Macs.  But there is another browser which has some great features.  I use it a lot.  And that is Mozilla Firefox.  Which brings us to...

Thing 2: downloading Mozilla Firefox onto your computer and playing around with its tabs. 

What is Mozilla?  Mozilla is free, and is open source technology. Click here to download.  One of the best parts about Mozilla is the tabs feature.  You can switch back and forth between multiple websites on the tabs; directions to NYC, a list of museums, a restaurant reservation site.  Planning your day is easy peasy.  Watch this video about how to use tabs

There are also some cool add-ons.  Think of them as apps for your computer!  Some are for personal organization such as Read It Later, for you to save the website for when you have more time. Another add-on you might like to try is KidZui, a search for kids!

Thing 3:  download an add-on feature in Mozilla.  Write a comment below on what you thought about the add-on you chose.  Did it live up to what you thought it would be?


Now...start your search engines! 

Thing 4. Do the same search (of any topic you'd like) in Google and Bing

How was the process?  Write your thoughts in the comments below:  did you get similar results, or different results?  Also for thing 3, click on Bing's visual search.  How was the same search in visual?  Or, do you think that visual search only coalesces with certain topics?


This week we looked at a browser, which is the application that gets you onto the web (like Firefox or Internet Explorer) and search engines that search the web itself (like Google and Bing.)  As a parent, you can change search engines' settings on the computer that your children use most frequently. Google has SafeSearch Filtering for easy filtering at the browser level.

Try a few searches on kid friendly engines:

  • Yahoo Kids (no results for "breast" but good results for "breast cancer")
  • FactMonster (good relevant results for same search)
  • AskKids (a little inconsistent, good results when misspelled "breas," no relevant results with correct spelling "breast")
  • KidsClick (a site created by librarians, but very tough filter)

What kind of results would you want if your child was doing legitimate research for a school assignment? Protecting younger children from stumbling across questionable content is one issue, allowing your older children to access reliable information for learning about life and health is another.

There are many ways of controlling the access your children have to the Internet and this is an issue that will weave through many of the lessons in this program. See this great article over at CNET for an overview of security options for parents. Kids deserve Intellectual Freedom (pdf), but it is up to us to help them learn to how to find good information and evaluate those resources.The focus of this program is not to teach any one area of technology in depth, but to strengthen your own use and understanding of Web 2.0 so that you may more confidently exercise control at your own comfort level. For more resources on Internet Safety, please see this link for additional resources.


Week 2 Hi all! I tried

Week 2 Hi all! I tried FireFox I think it looks cool and I may get used to some of the cool features - but A. I have a Mac and I love my tiled screen of favorites, B. it crashed on me and I hate things that CRASH! I met up with my mentor today (Shout OUT) and we looked at Bing together - I think it will help me plan vacations with the map and see the area feature. She said it looked similar to a Google screen - but I haven't seen it on Google before. WAY COOL. I am having tons of fun trying new things. I hope everyone else is too.

I already use Firefox. I

I already use Firefox. I loved learning about right clicking a link to open it in a new page. I downloaded a Persona so I now have cute little birds on my banner. I looked at the Add-Ons. Some looked interesting but when I read the reviews they all seem to have a glitch of some sort. I really do not want to crash my computer! As for Bing vs. Google. I usually use Google. When I searched 'backyard honey bees', Google came up with 118,000 results. Bing had over 2 million! I liked the fact that Bing showed videos and related searches on the first page and that it didn't have a lot of paid listings. Onward!

I have liked Firefox from the

I have liked Firefox from the start, especially with the add-ons (local temperature and forecast) and the ability to synchronize bookmarks. I like the Yahoo Kids but how to get the kids to use it instead of direct to Google or Bing

I used to live and breathe

I used to live and breathe Firefox, loved their add-ons and such...until I met Google Chrome! The biggest advantage is that the search is built into the address bar so i can skip a step when searching for a site! It doesn't have quite as many add-ons as Firefox, but all I really need is my Diigo (like Delicious) button for book marking websites. ALSO, I've recently discovered Qwiki which is a new search that presents multi-media answers to your query in an easy to view presentation. Now I get a daily update in my email inbox with a new subject to explore - it's fun! I could easily see this being useful for young students when doing research!