This week is all about BLOGS.  "Blog" kind of sounds like a monster that lurks in the woods or maybe something you'd find clogging your drain, but is much less sinister, and gross, and very present in our daily, 21st-century lives.

First, watch the video below that explains, "What is a Blog?"

Thing 7:  Create your own blog. 

Nothing to stress about, it's easy and fun.  The blog you create this week will be the main way that you communicate with us and the rest of the class throughout this program.  You will use your blog to post your "Thing" assignments and to post your thoughts and opinions about what you are learning. 

There are several different websites that allow you to create you own blog (for free!).  The two most common are Wordpress and Blogger.  Click on either one to get started. 

Whether you choose Wordpress or Blogger, you will be asked you to create a username and choose a password, as well as enter some personal information, such as your full name and a valid email address.  Follow the directions to setup your blog.  (FYI: you may choose to keep your blog after this program is complete, but that is entirely up to you.  You can always delete your blog once the 21 Things program has concluded.)

Once you have done the basic setup and have activated your blog (you may be asked to check your email and follow a link to "activate" your new blog), you are ready to start blogging!  This is a good time to simply play around with the different features that Wordpress or Blogger offer.  Click here to view a quick video on how to start posting blogs on Wordpress.

So what should you blog about?  How about a quick introduction about yourself and/or why you choose to take the 21 Things course?  You can also blog about blogging: What are your thoughts about this method of communication?  Do you think you'd be interested in keeping a blog at the end of this course?  Are there some blogs that you read often and want to share?  

You might discover that you really enjoy blogging!  Some parent bloggers share funny stories or tips for other parents (check out The Modern Housewife or Dooce, a "mommy blog", with an edge and great photos.) Other moms and dads keep a blog to share information and pictures for their extended family (like The Masson Family Blog.)  You can control the privacy settings of your blog and choose to share it with the whole world- or just a select few family member and friends. 

For Blogger privacy settings, click here : For Wordpress privacy settings, click here

Did you know that even kids blog?  Tavi (aka, the Style Rookie), is a 13-year-old fashion blogger who has been featured in Vogue!  A local Darien boy who is a huge fan of the Percy Jackson books keeps a blog about all things Rick Riordan-related.   For older children and teens, blogging can be a wonderful tool for strengthening writing skills.  Young bloggers are also learning how to produce and edit multimedia content- a crucial skill in the digital age.

Thing 8: Email us the link to your blog (you can send it to us at  You can also share your blog with the rest of the class.  You can do this by making a comment on this blog and posting you blog's URL.  Watch this quick tutorial to see how.

Your blog will be how you will keep track of your "things" for the duration of the course. Please make sure to mark each entry with the Thing # and subject so that we can keep track of your progress.

If you already keep a blog, check out the settings and layouts of the the other provider to compare and contrast or challenge yourself to add new features like visitor counts or email subscriptions.

Your posts are the place for you to reflect and provide insight into what you've learned. Post your thoughts about what worked (or didn't) from the lesson, how you could see it being used in your family, and share your surprises or obstacles. We'll frequently offer you some discussion questions to get your started, but you are not limited to answering them! Ladies and gentlemen, start your blogging!







My blog is up! Please go to

My blog is up! Please go to sarazs.blogspot and follow me. I plan to limit access. Have a great weekend.

Hey Sara! Nice job on your

Hey Sara! Nice job on your blog. It looks awesome and I like that you've branched out and blogged about reading Countdown. I left you a few comments, but I think you need to approve them first. How are you finding the experience of setting up your blog and managing it? Is it user friendly? Did you run into any problems?

Hi all. my blog is up. it

Hi all. my blog is up. it is wordpress turkey1234.

Oops. Here is the link

Oops. Here is the link

Nice work, Turkey! :--) I

Nice work, Turkey! :--) I just visited your new blog and left a comment.

Ok, SO I am a few weeks

Ok, SO I am a few weeks behind, but am catching up today! Here is a link to a blog I have already established. It is a bit "dusty" as you will see from the dates of the most recent posts. My biggest struggle is how to make it more visible to other bloggers. Any thoughts? Should I start a new one specifically for the 21 things content?