Due to a rise in COVID cases, masks are required when visiting the Library building.

Kids Advisory Board

Kid Advisory Board members help to make the Children’s Library a special place. They help with choosing books to promote, movies to watch, and what activities kids their age would appreciate. The students learn to articulate, share, and develop their ideas in a low-pressure environment. They forge friendships which carry on for years to come.

Teen Advisory Board

Our teen advisors are ambassadors to their schools on behalf of the Library. The advisors generate buzz and excitement for teen events — programs they helped plan. Teens gain leadership and project management skills. They have lots of great ideas and have a special place in their hearts for the Library and all it has to offer.

Senior Advisory Board

The Senior Advisory Board advocates for the needs and services of elder adults in the community. Their accomplishments include creating and maintaining the Community Bulletin Board and planning our monthly series, “Senior Moments." Each coffee and conversation group is a chance for for seniors to get together in the community. Past events have included line dancing for seniors, the history of Grand Central Terminal, origami ornaments, and Animal House: a Petting Zoo Just for Adults.

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