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Darien Library exhibits artwork on a rotating basis in its Gallery on the Lower Level. Our desire is to offer the community an opportunity to benefit from viewing various forms of art in a cultural and educational setting. The Art Committee of Darien Library meets on an ongoing basis to review the work of interested artists. In order to assist us with our selection of artists, we ask them to submit slides, pictures, or samples of their work. A member of our art committee will contact you prior to this meeting.

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At least one month in advance of the exhibit date, the artist should send current biographical information and a short write-up about the artwork in the show to Cathy McLachlan at the Library. Digital pictures of works that will be in the show are useful for press releases and should also be sent at least four weeks in advance. The exhibit will be promoted on the Library website and in the local newspapers.

Price List and Sales

The artist will provide a list of the works to be exhibited with the retail price, which includes the six percent Connecticut sales tax. The list cannot be displayed on the walls but will be available at the Reference and Welcome desks for interested patrons. The artist is the Seller; therefore, a Buyer makes payment directly to the artist. The artist is then responsible for submitting the sales tax to the state.


The artist agrees to give the Library 20 percent of the total sales from the show or from any work sold as a result of the show.


The artist, along with a committee member and if possible a person accompanying the artist, will hang the show. The committee member will make any final decisions regarding which works are exhibited. If more than one artist is involved in the show, the committee member will have final say as to where artwork is hung. The artist will deliver the paintings to the Library on a date and time agreed upon with a member of the Art Committee.


If labels are desired, the artist should provide them. Please clearly label all artwork with a title and/or a number that corresponds to the price list. The Committee is not responsible if errors occur on sales because of incorrectly labeled art work.

Library Recommendation: Use a computer label format like Avery labels 8871 or another label which is white matte, has no perforations, and then print out on a sheet of "Extra-sturdy, coated business cards" (available at Staples). Then apply double-sided tape to the back, which adheres well to the walls.


Darien Library is insured; however, we do require artists to sign a Release form.


The artist has the option to hold a reception at the Library on a Friday evening. The artist will contact Cathy McLachlan or call 203-669-5220, to determine a date that is compatible with the Library’s schedule. The artist will provide refreshments, tablecloths, serving utensils, etc., and will be responsible for cleaning up. Library will provide folding tables.


The artist will pick up artwork from the library on the date agreed upon with the committee. The work will stay on exhibit for the entire show. The artist will take the show down.

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