New Themed iPads

Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns / CC BY 2.0

As a follow-up to our successful Art iPads, we are pleased to offer iPads with new themes.

Cooking iPad

Want to start out the New Year with new recipes and techniques in the kitchen? Our Cooking iPad is just the thing. The apps we’ve loaded range from the How To Cook Everything cookbook guru Mark Bittman’s apps, including his vegetarian cookbook, to fabulous desserts from Dorie Greenspan and Martha Stewart. We’ve also loaded an app from our friends at the Food52 blog. Need some variety for diabetic or gluten-free cooking? We’ve got that covered, too. Bon appetit!

Zen iPad

Looking forward to a more mindful 2016? Try our Zen iPad. We’ve loaded it up with a wonderful assortment of apps meant to help you de-stress and create daily routines featuring yoga and guided meditation. Some apps even offer guided meditation for specific challenges and situations. Just as physical yoga can make you stronger, mental exercise keeps your brain sharp. We think you’ll really enjoy the mental challenges posed by the Brain Yoga app.

Our Cooking and Zen iPads may be checked out for 1 week to Darien card holders age 18 and over.

These iPads can be found in our catalog under Cooking iPad and Zen iPad.

Museum passes: now even easier!

You could visit MoMA next week!
You could visit MoMA next week!

NYC and Connecticut are home to some of the greatest museums in the country. Renaissance masterpieces, visionary modern art, and celebrations of great historical figures are an easy train or car ride away. As part of our continuing dedication to enriching the lives of our patrons, Darien Library is pleased to provide a variety of museum passes that will engage, excite, and inform you in a cultural learning experience.

Those who have borrowed museum passes from the Library in the past will be excited to note that our new online system is even easier than before. Simply pick a museum you want to visit, or a date you'd like to go on an excursion, see what's available, and book immediately. You can also call our Welcome Desk at 203-669-5239 for help with booking. You then pick up the pass the afternoon before your visit, and return it the following day. Whether you're a parent looking for a fun adventure, a host looking for somewhere to go with visiting relatives, or an art aficionado, we're got a pass for you! Click here to see what's available now.

In order to book a museum pass, you need to live in Darien, work full-time in Darien, or be a Friend at the $300 level. Let us know what you think of the new system! And we're looking forward to adding more museum passes to this collection--where else would you like to visit?

Book Homing Device

With three floors of books, it can be difficult to find your way to the right bookcase. Fortunately, our catalog has a handy feature which will share you exactly where to go in the Library! View the gif below for instructions.


Agati Media Center

Hold your meeting at the Agati Media Center!

Does your group need a big screen to view a computer? You're in luck! The Agati Media Center is a collaborative work station, allowing easy access for up to four computers at a time. This space is ideally suited for students working together, entrepreneurs presenting to clients-- anything that would benefit from a big screen presentation. The monitor is 50 inches and the table comfortably sits six. Up to four laptops may be connected at once. 

Reservations may be made in advance by Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, and Friends who have donated $300 or more per year. Other patrons may use the Agati Workstation on a First-Come First-Serve basis like the study rooms. Video Tutorials

Start learning now!
Start learning now!

Gain access to 1000s of tutorial videos with topics ranging from technology to business to marketing and even job hunting. You can earn the skills you need to excel at work. Better yet, you can access these videos from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with WiFi. There is no limit to how many courses you can take. Once you have finished a class, you can easily import your certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile. This looks great to employers!

Each class is broken up into small bite-sized videos so you can learn when you have a moment. Classes also come with downloadable exercise files so you can do hands-on practice in-time with the instructor. Start a class then resume later.

To Get Started

Connect to Darien Library's portal. You will need your Darien Library card to create your account. We suggest bookmarking the portal page for easy access.

Do you not live or work full-time in Darien? You can gain access to, eBooks, classes, and more by becoming a Friend

Lost Your Password?

You will need to call at 1-888-335-9632 to have your password reset.

Microfilm Reader

Microfilm Reader

The Library's ST ViewScan III machine is capable of creating crisp and clear high resolution images from microfilm rolls. In three easy steps you can scan, edit, and save. 

The ViewScan has a quick response when loading rolls and moving through film to find the section that you need. Once found, you can digitally manipulate the image to flip, crop, rotate, and adjust brightness and contrast to get the image just the way you want it.

Once done, you can print, save to a USB drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or send an email directly from the ST Premium Software. 

3D Printers

Darien Library is home to four 3D printers: MakerBot Z18, MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation, MakerBot Replicator 2, and a Form 1 3D Printer

A 3D printer is a machine that takes digital files and produces a plastic print-out of your design. The arrival of 3D printers allows anyone to create physical models their own designs without the need to send out to a special manufacturer. Learn more about 3D printers. If you would like to see a 3D printer, come down to the Help Desk located in the computer labs on the Lower Level.

This exciting new technology will continue to improve in the years to come. Therefore when you request an object to be printed, please keep in mind that sometimes the machines will be unavailable due to repairs.

Printing Objects

3D objects can be printed from something you designed yourself or downloaded from a site like Tinkercad. You can use software like SketchUp to create your designs. While staff members are unable to show you how to create designs, you can teach yourself using our access to

Submit your print request to (15mb attachment limit), or send an Internet link to the object along with the exact specifications, otherwise bring it in to your Help Desk on a flash drive or other media.

Print time is up to 3 days from submission.

Cost to Print

Similar to other services in the Library like printing and photocopying, 3D printing is a service that charges a fee for your printed object. We charge by weight in grams. We will give you an estimate of how much the final object will cost. We include the weight of the supports and rafts in the cost. Therefore, we cannot give an exact cost at the time of the print order. The Form1 printer costs more since it produces a higher quality print.

Children who live in Darien and are 12 and under may use the 3D printer in the Children's Library at no cost.

  • Form1: 25 cents per gram
  • Other 3D printers: 10 cents per gram
  • Minimum charge: $2

The 3D printer in the Digital Media Lab is only for Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, or are Friends of the Library who have donated $300 or more. 

Digital Darien

Darien Library offers online access to great digital content for all your mobile devices. All you need is your Darien Library card, a device, and Internet access. Contact us for help!

If you are browsing the Library's catalog, look for the Downloadable logo which looks like the one below.

3M Cloud Library OverDrive Hoopla
3M Cloud Library OverDrive






TV Shows



Downloadable eBooks, Audiobooks, and the borrowing of eReaders are available to Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, and Friends of the Library who have donated $300 or more.

For assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 203-669-5238.




OverDrive gives you at-home access to eBooks and audiobooks. This is the eBook service to use if you have a Kindle.


Get Started

You will need your Darien Library card number and an email account that you can access to use OverDrive.

Use the Mobile App

You can download the OverDrive app to your Android or Apple mobile device to get started reading your eBooks now!

On Your Personal eReader

You can download eBooks to read on your home computer and then transfer them to your own eReader. OverDrive supports most devices.



Downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks, are available to Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, and Friends of the Library who have donated $300 or more.

For assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 203-669-5238.


Interlibrary Loan

Do you need a book or an article which Darien Library doesn't have? We can try to request it through interlibrary loan! This is a service which asks other libraries to send us the book or article of your choosing.

Please note:

If your item was published within the last year, please use the suggest a purchase form.

Interlibrary Loan service is limited to Darien residents, people who work in Darien, and Library donors who contribute annually at the $300 level or above.  If you live outside of Darien, please see your hometown library's website for their interlibrary loan services.

To use the Interlibrary Loan service, your Darien Library account must have no outstanding fines.

Request an Article

Request a Book

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