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To help us stay connected during these times, Darien Library presents "Connected Community" — fun videos made by you and your neighbors to help us stay connected.

Submit a Video

If you'd like to send in your video, please email Krishna. Videos should be shot in landscape mode (i.e. wider than tall) with no backing music. Language needs to be family-friendly as is the topic you are sharing.

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Early Literacy Play

Sam demonstrates how to make a simple, but engaging baby toy.

Sevens: Card Game

Jeff shares how to play Sevens, a card game, with a 52-deck of cards.

Linzer Tarts

AdeleFire shares how to make these delicious tarts.

Chocolate Cake Pan Cake

Tina shares how to make this delicious treat. View the recipe

DIY Baby Toy

Miss Sam shares how to make a baby toy using a bottle, cereal, and glue.

Absolutely Fabulous Summer Pudding

Carolyn Eddie, of Carolyn’s Absolutely Fabulous Events shares an English treat.

Fairy Houses

Catherine shares how to make fairy houses -- using the materials in your yard.

One Pot Italian Pasta

Reed shares how to make pasta in just one pot. View the recipe

Ratatouille Over Creamy Polenta

Reed shares how to make a modified Ratatouille with a Creamy Polenta.

Buttermilk Biscuits

Tina shares how to make delicious biscuits without buttermilk.

DIY Face Mask

Nadira shares how to make a DIY face mask.

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