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Doing a project on the Earth and/or space? Use the sources below to find books, articles, and information. If you need more assistance, see a children’s librarian or contact us at childrenslibrary@darienlibrary.org or 203-669-5235.


We recommend the databases listed below to research your topic. They are a good starting point. Many of these are subscriptions paid for by the Library, providing access to premium resources that can give you far more information than a simple Google search.

Search Terms

When searching in the catalog use these terms and subjects.

  • Astronomy
  • Earth
  • Planet
  • Space
  • Solar System
  • Universe

Library Sections

Visit these sections of the children’s library collection for books about this topic.

  • Earth: Kids STEM 525
  • The Universe: Kids STEM 523.1
  • The Solar System: Kids STEM 523.2
  • Planets: Kids STEM 523.4

Books about Earth

Books on Space

Articles on Space

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