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Smartphone Photography

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Thursday, August 15, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Tech Center

Join us for a two-hour workshop on how to utilize the most powerful computer in your pocket: your smartphone! Get hands-on experience learning how easily your "new camera" photographs friends and family. Participants are asked to bring their phone to class, ready to snap pictures.

Seven Reasons Why Your Cellphone/Smartphone May Be Your Best Camera:

  1. It’s always with you.
  2. It’s always “on” and ready to shoot; no fiddling around with special lenses, flash, filters, and photographic accessories.
  3. "Capture Any Special Moment” instantly.
  4. Send/share your photos direct from your phone’s camera. Now!
  5. It’s 100% free (you already own it); nothing else to buy.
  6. Your phone also captures video and audio!
  7. And…you already know how to use your phone as a camera. You don’t? Come to this workshop.

About the Presenter

Bernie Weiss is an award-winning professional photographer based in Stamford. He’s old enough to have used film and darkrooms in his youth, and young enough to understand, appreciate, and use new photographic technologies today.

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