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Living Dangerously on Film: A History of Movie Stunts

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Friday, August 14, 2020
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Join us for week 4 of our 4 part Cinematic Series featuring film historian Max Alvarez.

Week 4 - Living Dangerously on Film: A History of Movie Stunts

Stunt doubles risk their lives for above-average salaries--hurling themselves off cliffs, leaping onto charging horses, enduring punches and dynamite blasts. Until recent decades, the names of most movie stunt people were unknown to moviegoers.

While a rare few actors did their own stunts (Buster Keaton, Jackie Chan, Treat Williams), most were “doubled” by stuntmen in everything from westerns and costume epics to thrillers and comedies.

Join film historian Max Alvarez for two hours of thrills and chills by the greatest stunt practitioners in history -- and please remember not to try any of these stunts at home!

About the Presenter

Max Alvarez is an author, film historian, and speaker on world cinematic culture. A former visiting scholar for The Smithsonian Institution and museum film curator, Max currently teaches film history for John Jay College's continuing education program, Sundays at JASA, in Manhattan. He is author of The Crime Films of Anthony Mann (University Press of Mississippi) and a major contributor to Th_ornton Wilder/New Perspectives_ (Northwestern University Press).

This program will take place on Zoom. All registrants will be emailed the link.

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