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Present State of American Government and Politics

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Monday, November 23, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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The state of government in the United States is reflected in its politics. Democrats and Republicans no longer function as viable political parties, ingesting as they do, a largess of money from the special interests who have purchased the mechanisms of power, superseding the Nation's blueprint for government, the Constitution, and its attendant Bill of Rights.

The American public, too, bears much responsibility, reflective in the years of apathy, lack of motivation to become involved, as well as being ill-informed, uninformed, and even lacking an allegiance to the founding principles of American governance. Yet with the expansion of the anti-establishment movement that is seemingly on the rise, the future political fortunes of the Nation could be changing, the question is, how and in which direction will the change be enacted?

About the Presenter

Mark Albertson is the historical research editor at Army Aviation magazine and is a long-time member of the United States Naval Institute. In addition, Mark teaches history at Norwalk Community College. His courses include: World War I and Iraq: Creation of Colonialism; A History, Vietnam; A History, World War I; The Turning Points of World War II; The Great Patriotic War: The Titanic Clash Between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union; and American Empire: Grand Republic to Corporate State. In May 2005, Mark was presented with a General Assembly Citation by both houses of the state legislature in Hartford for his effort in commemorating the centennial of battleship Connecticut.

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