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Heirloom Kitchen with Chef Anna Francese Gass

Tuesday, February 2, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Darien Library is happy to give patrons the opportunity to join Chef Anna Francese Gass in her kitchen. Chef Gass will make Gina's Arancini from Heirloom Kitchen: Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women.

I truly believe we cook with our heart first and then our minds and hands. When I cooked with each of these women we spoke about their immigration journey and how they came to this country for a better life for their children. However, preserving the recipes of the homeland was equally as important as the opportunities they came here to obtain. As we are all the children of immigrants, the recipes are nostalgic and remind us of our childhood and most importantly, our shared culture.

Cooking with Grandmothers around the country has become her passion. Her hope is that by transcribing these cherished recipes, they will continue to be shared and loved for generations to come.

Join us for this exciting event!

About the Author

Anna Francese Gass grew up in a small town on the Rhode Island shore, before moving to New York City to study at New York University. After a stint in the corporate world, she decided she was much happier in the kitchen instead of an office cubicle. She quit her fast paced sales job and enrolled in Culinary Arts at the French Culinary Institute (now ICC) to follow her dream to cook professionally. Soon thereafter, she found her niche in the test kitchens of Martha Stewart Living, Whole Foods, and Mad Hungry.

Currently, she is a regular contributing editor and recipe tester for Food52, Chowhound, and contributing writer for MSN.com. Chef Anna Francese Gass is the author of the cookbook, Heirloom Kitchen: Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women. She has created a successful blog, www.annasheirloomkitchen.com and Instagram @annafgass. She lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with her husband, three kids and rambunctious boxer, Levi.

This event is co-sponsored by Barrett Bookstore. If you'd like to add to your cookbook collection, please visit their website.

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