Science in the Stacks: Anthropology and Space

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Registration for this event will close on May 25, 2023 @ 5:30pm.
There are 45 seats remaining.

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Twice a month, learn something new about a fascinating science topic chosen and presented by one of our very own DHS Science Honor Society students. This session includes presentations on Anthropology and Black Holes.

About the Presenters

Evelyn Trudel is a junior at Darien High School. I am currently enrolled in honors physics and also taking authentic science research. In ASR, my focus is North American archeology, and I am currently looking for a mentor. In June 2021, I participated in a High School Field School through the Center for American Archeology.

Avi Samal is a junior enrolled in honors physics. I am really interested in science as a whole, especially things about why the world is how it is. I am also really interested in math.


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