Monday, February 10

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Tuesday, February 11

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Wednesday, February 12

7:00 PM - 8:45 PM

(2018) Starring Molly Chester, John Chester; Rated PG for mild thematic elements; 91 minutes; Presented with Captions for the hearing impaired. A documentarian and his wife attempt to establish a farm outside LA while facing wildfires, pests and predators. For more information, please watch the film...

Thursday, February 13

No programs scheduled for Thursday, February 13

Friday, February 14

7:00 PM - 8:45 PM

(2003) Starring  Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Thibault Verhaeghe, Josephine Lebas-Joly, Emmanuelle Gronvold; Rated R for language and some sexuality; 93 minutes; In French with English subtitles. Best friends Julien and Sophie continue an odd game they started playing as children - a fearless...

Saturday, February 15

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Sunday, February 16

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