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Choose OverDrive e-Books

When selecting which e-Book provider to use for your Kindle e-Reader, choose OverDrive. Select Checkout then head over to your OverDrive account by clicking Sign in . You need to use a computer to finish your download through Amazon. If you have a Kindle Fire, you can download books directly to your device. Read the Kindle Fire section below for more information. Kindles need to be connected to Wi-Fi to download OverDrive e-Books.

Please note that not all OverDrive e-Books are for Kindles. Search for only Kindle e-Books by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right, then click on Advanced under the search box. Under Formats, change All Formats to Kindle Book then click Search.

Did you run into an error? Check out the help section on this page.

Download your Kindle e-Book

Now that you are logged into OverDrive, click on Borrow to select your book (sometimes the text will say Borrow for 21 Days). Go to My account at the top right then click on Loans. Next to the book cover, click on Choose a Format, select Kindle Book. Amazon.com will now open up in your browser.

If you are not already signed into your Amazon account, do so now. You will see the e-Book you selected. On the right, click on Get library book and then you may need to choose which Kindle to send it to. If your Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi, your e-Book will download immediately. Enjoy!

Kindle Fire

Download the OverDrive app then create an OverDrive account. This account is different from your Library one. It will allow your reading progress and bookmarks to be synced to any other device you have the OverDrive app on (e.g. tablet or smartphone). More help.

In the OverDrive app, search for Darien Library. Tap on the star to favorite the Library. Then you can browse for books or search for a specific title.

If the little book or headphone icon on the book's cover is gray, that means it is not available. If it is black, you can read it now!

My e-Book Checkout Didn't Go Through

We're sorry to hear that. Let's see what might be causing the trouble:

Have you signed into your OverDrive account before?
If not, head on over and sign in by clicking the Sign in link in the top right. This will open the connection between the Library's website and OverDrive. Or if you have the OverDrive app installed on your mobile device, sign into that.

Do you owe over $50.00 in fines and late fees?
Check your account balance. If you need to pay your balance down to under $50, you may pay online by selecting that button under the amount you owe.

When was the last time you renewed your library card?
Your library card needs to be renewed every three years. The expiration date is written on your library card. Just stop by the Welcome Desk to renew your card.

If you live in another town, e-Books and other digital content are limited to Darien residents. Check your home library to see if they have OverDrive. Many Connecticut libraries do!

I still can't access OverDrive e-Books.
We can help. Call the Help Desk at 203-669-5238 or send us an email at helpdesk@darienlibrary.org.

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