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It's The Independence Day Edition

Welcome to the Independence Day Edition of You Are What You Read. Be safe this weekend People. If don’t remember our cautionary PSA from last year I urge you to watch this year’s version. Frankly? It never grows old. I kind of want to hang out with these dudes. What does their prep for these yearly gems look like? “Well Biff, I think this year we need to retire the egg in the eye socket and focus on shoving fireworks down some pants.” “I’m down, Brenda. But we can’t lose the sparkler bit. That’s pure gold.” When does it start? Is it like planning the Christmas windows in July? Do they begin the careful plotting in January? Who picks the playlist for this? I feel that the 1812 Overture was a total cop out by the way. They should hire DJ Jazzy Patty. No way would she ever be that sort of trite. She’d do right by that mess. Who picks wardrobe, props? Do they scout locations? What’s the payday for these people look like? Is it a full blown government job? Do they get to keep the rubber gloves that go unused? When those rubber gloves show up in their partner’s Christmas stocking are they called out on that? I am, as usual full of questions. If anyone has the 411 on any of this you know where to find me and of course I’ll share. Anyway, People stay safe. And remember that we are closed on Monday. I can’t guarantee that we won’t be blowing stuff up. It could be going down. You never know.

Speaking of being safe it’s Shark Week! Mary Lee Shark was spotted off the beautiful beaches of South Carolina last week. Here’s hoping she’s enjoying her special week. Want to track her yourself? You can do that online.

This week we have sprained ankle, and some star stuff. That’s it. That’s all. It’s a 3 day weekend and we are already checked out. Sorry. Not sorry. Pass the matches; I have a watermelon to dispatch.

Playlist? It’s our burning desire that your weekend have a soundtrack. That and blowing stuff up.

You Are What You Read

Amanda went on a long drive and listened to her first Julia Quinn novel, Because of Miss Bridgerton. “Five years ago I tried to listen to Pride and Prejudice while driving and quickly realized my mistake – the dialogue was too witty to comprehend while safely driving at the same time. This novel isn’t quite to that level, but it has to be 85% dialogue as well. I found that frustrating and some of the scenes are stretched out over several chapters. Should climbing down a ladder take so long? Overall, I enjoyed the book at the end and found it mostly believable.

The story opens with the heroine, Billie, stuck on top of a roof with a sprained ankle after falling out of a tree. To her great aggravation, her neighbor George is the one who finds her. They snip at each other and the dialogue is fast and funny. Then over the course of the next few weeks, the two find themselves in each other’s company quite a bit and missing the other when they’re not there. What’s refreshing about this novel is that George isn’t a rake nor is he coming back from any war. Instead, he’s tied to the land as the next earl. Billie also loves her home and has no desire to run amok. The two sort out their complicated feelings about who they are and their place in the world while also finally noticing that their neighbor is someone they can’t live without.”

Laura is doing some heavy lifting this week. “Carlos Rovelli, theoretical physicist, In Seven Brief Lesson on Physics, gives readers sips of understanding the cosmos, and how our earth and we connect to that vast concept. The essays begin with Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, and builds out, through the century to all scientific research that rests on his 1905 breakthrough: that interstellar space bends and sways like the surface of the ocean; that particles can not necessarily be seen until they react, headlong, with something else; and that black holes, that collapse inward, taking everything into them, can also explode outward and the heat they give off shows us the future. Knowing all of this, ‘our species is doomed,’Rovelli writes, because it is part of the ongoing cosmic cycle that we inhabit. I warn you I had to read each chapter twice, but it is doable because they are short. My take away is the pure magnificence of the power of scientific curiosity and creativity. It is worth the hardship of trying to understand these huge concepts that show man’s ability to understand our tiny speck of existence and its specialness. As astronomer Carl Sagan once stated, ‘We are made of star stuff.’

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from the State Up North with the final musings and of course The Playlist! What’s good Pats? This holiday weekend we’ll be spending it with the family poolside. There will be BBQ, pool volleyball and come sunset, Uncle Dave will light off the fireworks in the driveway. Yes, home fireworks are legal here. People tend to light them off for a solid week going up to the holiday, giving the neighborhood pets a solid case of PTSD. People take their fireworks seriously here. Seasonal stands are open and doing a brisk business with candy colored buffet offerings of explosive selections. We pray this year that Uncle Dave keeps all his digits and hair intact. He’s got really good hair. I will stand on the sidelines, hose in hand. As long as he hasn’t had one too many White Russians everything will be fine and we’ll all enjoy the home show. Wishing you all a safe, fun-filled, Fourth of July with minimal fire damage.

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