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It's The Buck-Thunder-Single Scoop Full Moon Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Full Buck Moon Edition of You are What You Read. This full moon that happens on Tuesday is named for the new antlers that Bucks grow during this time of year. It is also referred to as the Thunder Moon because of the frequency of thunderstorms. Whatever. The Full Moon is going down on Tuesday. Enjoy, People.

In Animals Run Amok News there was a bear that somehow got himself trapped in a Subaru in Colorado and had to be released by the Jefferson County Deputies. PEOPLE. For the love of all that is holy, lock your car doors. If the weekly Police Reports in the Darien paper aren’t cautionary enough this should do it. Although to be fair, the bear didn’t steal anything from the car. But maybe in Colorado they don’t keep their valuables in their cars. Or maybe a bear has no use for a Rolex watch, a designer handbag or a wallet containing hundreds of dollars. It is thought that the bear opened the hatch back looking for food and got trapped. The deputies swear that they have never seen this before which just goes to show there is a first time for everything. Any way you can read about that here.

While trying to find something that was good in this world to share with you all, I stumbled upon the fact that Sunday is National Ice Cream Day. In 1984 Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month. So it’s a Thing. Whenever there is a Proclamation, it becomes an official Thing. Maybe we should call this Full Moon the Single Scoop Moon going forward?

It’s hot. It’s humid. Who doesn’t love some frozen creamy goodness. My personal favorite comes from my childhood ice cream parlor in Cincinnati. Graeters Ice Cream has been a Seven Hills Staple for 145 years. And now apparently you can get a lovely French Pot goodness at Palmers or Walter Stewarts. You don’t need to drive 13 hours or get on a plane. The cult favorite flavor is Black Raspberry Chip. Before you judge, let me assure you that it is heaven. Black Raspberries from Oregon combined with cream, sugar and the loveliest of chocolate chips. It is so wonderful that Curtis Sittenfeld wrote about it in her new book Eligible:

“Willie, who had been in the bathroom, rejoined them and gestured toward a pint of ice cream on the table. “The famous black raspberry chip, I take it?” Liz passed the pint to him. “When in Cincinnati,” she said.

Trust me on this. A scoop of this on a homemade brownie will make you temporarily forget that the world is fraught, dangerous and unhappy. Since this is shaping up to be the Summer of Our Discontent, I think we should all give ourselves a fleeting, melting, butter-fat laced reminder of what brings joy. And, maybe, perhaps, that’s a scoop of ice cream on a sunny summer day.

This week we have some avocado toast, work, a tomboy, and a sparkling debut.

Playlist? Look up from that screen! Of course we have The Playlist!

Let us begin!

Virginia the Tall Cool Texan is in the kitchen this week and she’s excited about It’s All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow. “I have just spent the last three weeks thoroughly enjoying Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, It’s All Easy. I honestly can’t believe how much I loved some of the recipes, especially the avocado toast, socca pizzas, and her eggplant and ground turkey stir-fry. (My mouth is watering right now, just thinking of those socca pizzas). The book itself is beautiful, but best of all the recipes are actually easy and delightfully delicious. In fact, I think I am going to have to put myself back on hold for this one, because I just didn’t have enough time to explore all of the different recipes.”

Pat T is not listening this week. Discuss. “I admire the mission of the StoryCorps organization, so when the latest book arrived at the library I was excited to read it. Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work by David Isay is a collection of stories about people who have found their passion; some people knew from a very young age and others found it by trial and error, yet the one thing they all have in common is that it is the dedication to their work that gives their lives meaning. The idea for the book came about when Mr. Isay met his wife's ob-gyn; a 50-year-old Taiwanese woman who traveled with her family, as a young girl, from Taiwan, to South America, finally arriving in the United States with the intention of pursuing her medical degree. She knew from a young age she wanted to be a doctor and she was willing to make any sacrifice to achieve her dream. Over the twelve years of her medical career she made a commitment to deliver the babies of every single one of her patients, even at a time of great personal loss. There are many stories in this book similar to Dr. Austin Chen's stories that are heartwarming, courageous, fearless, and above all passionately determined! A quote in the book from historian, Studs Terkel, sums up this whole book: ‘Work is about the search for daily meaning, as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor.’ I hope these stories bring you hope and a new appreciation for your work, whatever that may be!”

JRae is still here. We all find this most pleasing. “This week I picked up a graphic novel called Tomboy by Liz Prince that I highly recommend. It follows the early childhood and teenage years of the narrator, Liz, who has been a tomboy since she knew how to speak. Readers see her difficulties fitting in, her confusion about romance and sexuality, and her success in finding herself. As a girl who was a tomboy for many years, I identified with this book a great deal. This book is perfect for: young girls, adults, tomboys, girly-girls, the reluctant reader, and anyone who loves a good memoir. You can finish in an hour or two and feel warm, fuzzy, and connected with Liz.”

It’s not often that I get hold of a book that makes me almost miss my train stops. Or makes me stop in the middle of my day and wonder how the characters that I am reading about are doing and then realize that they aren’t doing anything; because they are fictional. Or makes me start counting the hours until I get to open the book again and reunite with them. So when it does happen I try to slow down my reading because I know that this will eventually end and I will have a reading hangover and be reduced to reading glossy design magazines while I recover. The debut novel Ashes of Fiery Weather by Kathleen Donohoe is doing all that to me and more. This is the story of six generations of women of women in an Irish NYFD family. This is the sort of family saga that you just sink into and give yourself over to. The writing is lush and lovely even and most especially when the story is at its harshest and most unforgiving. Library Journal compared her to one of my absolute favorite writers, Kate Atkinson, and I could not agree more with it. This one comes out next month so you won’t have too long to be as excited as I am.

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from That State which has not won The Game in 1693 Days with the final musings and The Playlist. What’s good Pats? “Yes, I am playing Pokemon GO with my son and we have been having a lot of fun with it. We do have a few rules that I thought I’d share with you.

  1. Don’t play stupid, pay attention to where you are walking and always be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Always travel/play the game with a buddy.
  3. DRIVERS MAY NOT PLAY EVER, only passengers. (This rule applies only to me, as he’s 9 years old.)
  4. When in doubt, refer to Rule #1.

There are a lot of silly stories floating around that are complete bunk but a few that are true. I believe if these basic 4 rules are applied, most folks will have a good time playing a harmless game. Who knows, you may even become more physically fit, meet some new people and learn a few new things about where you live. Happy gaming!


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