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It's the Full Snow Moon Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Full Snow Moon Edition of You are What You Read. Tonight’s full moon is the Full Snow Moon. You are all intelligent people. I am not going to explain this one to you. Also,tonight we will have a full snow moon eclipse. The moon will pass through the edge of the Earth's shadow, which is called the penumbra. During this ‘full snow moon eclipse,’ the moon will be completely shaded.

Not enough Eye to the Sky fun for you? How about I throw in a green comet? Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova will be visible in the predawn hours by sky watchers using binoculars or small telescopes between Thursday and Sunday. Its green color is dictated by vaporizing diatomic carbon, which appears green.

SO, there you have it… A full moon, a lunar eclipse and a comet. Look up People! You can read about that on who will also have a comet live feed for those of you not interested in freezing outside during predawn hours.

Those of you keeping track of Warring Rodents, I think that this week is in Phil’s back pocket. Sure, we saw 60 degrees on Thursday but the rest of the week was sheer misery. Cold, wet and the 10 plus inches on the ground and the fact we won’t get out of freezing today? Enjoy this victory Phil. But rest assured I am still rooting for Chuck.

This week the Smalls of the WD are hanging in Queens whilst one of the Talls is in PA.
Playlist? We’re not heartless. Of course, there’s The Playlist.

Let us begin!

Sweet Ann is listening this week. “**The Clancys of Queen**s is a memoir by Tara Clancy and if you like audio books, I can't recommend it enough. The author, Tara Clancy, reads the novel with much enthusiasm, heart and a New York accent that will make you smile. Tara grew up in basically three different worlds. When she was with her dad she lived in a one room converted boat house in Broad Channel, Queens. With her mom, she lived in Bellrose, Queens, with every other weekend and summers in the exclusive Hamptons with her mother's boyfriend. Her mother's side of the family included many characters that she brings to life. You will learn things like quite a few Italian curse words and how to feed an ‘army’. Her father's family was not as dramatic but had issues that Tara was exposed to as a young child. This is a rollicking coming of age story that will entertain and cause you to cringe at some parts as Tara navigates her life especially making some bad choices in high school. This is a wonderful story about family and friendship.”

Here is what Spunky Jill M thinks of **The Clancy’s of Queen**s: “Oh, Tara Clancy is a hoot and a half! The audio version of The Clancys of Queens kept me riveted and chuckling during my commute. I did keep my eyes on the road while listening, for those who worry; however, my ears were filled with this outrageously humorous memoir depicting Tara’s 1980’s childhood. The daughter of a divorced Italian-American social worker from Brooklyn and an Irish-America cop from Queens shares tales of her childhood while evoking a cast of larger than life characters. The author narrates with quintessential accents while retelling tales of bouncing between working-class Queens and a sprawling Bridgehampton estate as well as moving through the rough and tumble MS 172 public school. A fun, fun memoir and great on audio!”

Barbara M is reading one of this year’s Newbery Honor books, Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk. “Set in a small Pennsylvania town in 1943 the protagonist, eleven-year-old Annabelle, is threatened by a bully, Betty Glengarry, who was sent to live with her grandparents because she was deemed ‘incorrigible.’ Annabelle is not too worried because she knows that Toby, a vagrant WWI veteran, was looking out for her. Then one day Betty goes missing and all suspicions turn to Toby. The story is beautifully written and compelling and not for young adults only.”

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from Meat Chicken with the final musings and The Playlist. What’ s good Pats? “After two kids down with different viruses, it was inevitable that I’d pick up something. After three solid days of sleeping and some wild fever dreams, I’m happy to report that everyone in our house is back on the mend. It’s been a brutal cold and flu season around here. The local high school is teeming with mono and if you’re one of the few who’ve been healthy all season, you’re definitely in the minority. So my advice this week is to rest up, drink plenty of fluids, keep those hands washed and make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and fresh air. It’s the perfect time of year to curl up with a hot beverage, a good book and some chill tunes. I’ve got your tunes covered. Enjoy the playlist, the full moon and Valentine’s Day. Stay well, my friends.“


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