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It's the Tights Watch 2017 Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Tights Watch 2017 Edition.

Well People, it’s after Labor Day, the acorns are dropping, apples are red on the branch, there’s a chill in the morning air and that can mean only one thing.

Tights Watch 2017 is ON!

For those new to this space, Tights Watch is our annual sporting event where wagers are placed on the last day we dare to sport the Bare Leg because, frankly, to do so is to court pneumonia. For those seeking helpful hints, well, there are none. It depends entirely on what the weather is up to. Some years we make it almost to the end of October, other years we can’t get out of September. Some years, there are cheaters that use a boot coupled with a knee high for that I’m Not Fully Committed To Either Yet. And yes, I consider that a cheat. And for some Ladies on Staff, Tights Watch is a myth because they are always donning the hosiery.

So let us know what your best estimate is for the Drop Dead Date for us all to have gams encased in nylon products with no going back. Indian Summer MUST be factored in.

Best of luck to all who play and if you do play there could be some swag involved.

No You Are What You Read next week. Fall is also the start of Publisher’s Previews and I will be in the city next Friday. If you see me skittering around Midtown over the next couple of weeks make sure you say hey.

This week we have romance, a lady painter, some friends, and sheets and towels.

Let us begin!

The Amazing Amanda has resumed her love affair with romance. "I"m a huge fan of Sarah MacLean. She even visited the Library last February. For my travel companion on my commute, I listened to Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord. It stars Lady Isabel whose home houses women who have left dangerous situations. Funds are running out and she needs to sell her prized marble statues to keep the place running. Fate works in her favor when she meets Lord Nicholas, a noted antiques scholar. However, Nicholas is more interested in uncovering Isabel's secrets than valuing her collection. Their exchanges are witty, intense, and they're both ready to move mountains to get what they want. It's a fun, fast read. If you've read the Rules of Scoundrels series, you're going to be delighted to see some of those characters in this series, as younger, more dangerous versions of themselves. Be aware that this book is the second in her Love By Numbers series, so you may want to start with Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake.”

Spunky Jill M finds some sympathy for the devil perhaps after reading The Last Painting of Sara De Vos by Dominic Smith. “If you liked The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro, you will love The Last Painting of Sara De Vos. The author, Dominic Smith, interweaves three timelines as he conveys the suspenseful story of a painting from the Dutch Golden Age and its impact on three lives over the centuries. This intriguing tale encompasses the history of the only known surviving work of a female Dutch artist and a replica of the same as it travels from Amsterdam to New York and on to Australia. As I developed some empathy for the art curator (aka forger), the following question could be raised: Is art forgery a form of art? Let me know what you think.”

Pat T is reading this week, not listening. “I recently read City of Friends by Joanna Trollope and enjoyed the story of four career women who have been best friends since their University days. Now they are all living in London trying to balance the demands of work, family-life while trying to break the glass ceiling. Friendships are put in jeopardy, when one of them loses her job and the friends begin to reveal secrets and grudges they have been harboring. This was a fast-paced novel and a good beach read!”

Diane reading pretty as she does. “D. Porthault, The Art of Luxury Linens is a beautiful new book for our library collection. The author Brian D. Coleman, divided the book into chapters devoted to table linens, outdoor spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms with the last chapter is filled with inspiring photos of nurseries and children's rooms. The linens are featured in every photograph along with incredible china and accessories. Bedrooms and baths with Porthault linens span a wide variety of classic and contemporary tastes. The final pages of this book give a brief history of Porthault and how these beautiful linens should be cared for.”

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