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It's the First Fall Friday Edition

Greetings and welcome to the First Fall Friday Edition of You Are What You Read. By the time you all receive this, we will have been in the thick of it for a whopping 58 minutes.

I like this season all right. I mean there’s college football to become immersed in (OH-IO!), the return of good hair (sayonara humidity!), Tights Watch (wagering!) and who doesn’t love biting into that first crisp apple (I’m looking at you Macouns!)? All of these things distract from the fact that all living things around you are either dying or preparing to go into some sort of hibernation to prepare for the unrelenting cold and descending darkness.

It also means a return of a culinary scourge that has, in my opinion, passed its sell by date.

Pumpkin Spice flavored everything.

I like pumpkin as much as the next woman. It has its place on the buffet on the last Thursday of November where I look at it, nod and move on to either the apple pie or the pecan pie. How did we become a nation that feels the need to put pumpkin spice in every blessed consumable food product the minute the Fall Equinox happens?

This stuff is in everything. It’s in coffee. It’s in beer. It’s in cookies. Does anyone really need to begin the day with a Pumpkin Spice Pop Tart? Were you aware that there is Pumpkin Spiced Vodka? It’s true. I am sure that the audience for that mixes their adult beverages in trash cans and I’ll pass on any samples, thanks. Even M & Ms are jumping on this pump-edemic by releasing white pumpkin pie M & Ms.

The PS is literally everywhere. There is no escape. And nothing, not even that childhood favorite M& Ms, are sacred.

It is even in your, wait for it, cough drops. Pumpkin Spiced Cough Drops are available at CVS. Yes, People this is now a Thing. They are being touted as a “limited release.”

I strongly believe that Pumpkin Spice does not belong in my pharmaceuticals. But I will admit I do kind of want to meet the person who said, “Pumpkin and menthol need to be friends. Let’s join them together in a cough drop.” You have to admit that person had to have a seriously messed up culinary past. Did their mom butter their toast with Vicks Vapo-Rub? Also does this mean that in all likelihood that an Egg Nog flavored lozenge is on its way to us when the season changes, and just in time for the real cold and flu season? One hopes cooler heads will prevail.

Anyway, should you wish to learn more about, what is in my opinion, a culinary bridge too far, you can read about it on Bon Appetite. And as always, if any of you give it a try, please report back.

This week we have dreamers, some love, and a revolution.

The Playlist is back People!

Let us begin!

Sweet Ann had just finished Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue. “I listened to this audiobook I found the story to be quite compelling. It is the story of two different families trying to live the American dream. Clark Edwards is a top executive at Lehman Brothers in Manhattan. He and his wife, Cindy, and their two sons have a very nice life with a beautiful apartment in NYC and a large home in the Hamptons. Jende Jonga is from Cameroon and has worked various jobs to raise enough money to bring his wife Nemi and son to America. He is hired by Clark Edwards to be his chauffeur. The Edwards and the Jongas will become quite involved in each other’s lives but there will always be the divide of who has money and who doesn't. The Stock Market crash of 2007 will have a great impact on both families. I loved the characters in this novel and felt they were beautifully written. The audiobook was great with various readers bringing the characters to life.”

Virginia the Tall Cool Texan is watching this week with The Big Sick. “Love can be a wonderfully horrible messy thing. I was reminded of that fact watching the movie, "The Big Sick," this past week. The plot sounds crazy, but is based on the true story of how Kumail Nanjiani, a Pakistan-born comedian, fell in love with his wife Emily Gordon while she was in a coma. It is a funny, smart, and charming film that illustrates the imperfection of love. I highly recommend a Friday night staying home and watching this movie.”

The Always Delightful Pat S is commemorating an anniversary this week with Caught in the Revolution by Helen Rappaport. “2017 marks the centennial of the Russian Revolution, and I cannot think of a better book to mark that anniversary. Rappaport uses diaries and letters from a flamboyant group of diplomats and journalists, businessman and bankers, as well as the occasional expat socialite to describe the actual events which unfolded beginning in February of 1917 in St. Petersburg. These gripping eyewitness accounts describe anarchy-surging charging crowds, wild outbreaks of gunfire, with the random explosion going off. Yet all underscore the complete ignorance of the ruling class to recognize the explosive nature of the social disaffection which gripped the country. As the hours unfold on the 25 of February, Caught in the Revolution reads like a thriller. History has rarely been this exciting!"

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from Meat Chicken, a sad sad state that hasn’t won a game against OSU in 2127 days, with the Playlist and some final musings. It’s nice to hear from her again isn’t it? What’s good Pats? “This week brings fall. The glorious season that paints the trees autumnal colors, brings cooler weather and softer light. I am looking forward to sweater season. Fall is my favorite time of year. It's a time of change and I think we could all use a little change right now. Some of these tunes are oldies and some are more recent, whatever your musical taste is I hope you enjoy a little fall change.“


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