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It's the Welcome Spring 2018 Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Welcome Spring 2018 Edition of You are What You Read.

For people new to this space, the arrival of Spring means that there is another opportunity for wagering! Who doesn’t love a wager? And if your bracket is as dead as mine, here’s another opportunity to get through March with a little fun. At the start of Fall, we begin a little something we call Tights Watch (insert the year here). We wager on when we all feel forced into breaking out the hosiery. But this time of year we like to wager about when the last of us packs the tights and boots away and sport the bare leg for Spring/Summer/Fall 2018. Make your guesses and the one who picks the drop dead date that we are all without hosiery will win a prize! Maybe a Lemon Pig is in your future! And please for the love of all that is holy make it sooner rather than later. I am weary to the bone of all this weather.

This week we have a series, dark and twisty, and Old Hollywood.

Let us begin!

Alan the Leader is here with a series he enjoys. “David Poyer’s Hunter Killer is the second book in his series about a just-in-the future naval war with a resurgent China. The Chinese have the advantage and are pushing the Navy and Marines back to the central Pacific Ocean, other nations are siding with China or have been overrun by their armies. Admiral Dan Lenson leads a first counterattack with a task force of depleted ships. This is realistic naval fiction – you feel the exhaustion, the fear, the resolve, and see the calculations of who will live and who will die to achieve the objective. Readers may want to start with the previous novel, Onslaught, but it’s not necessary.”

The Always Fabulous Babs B is also here with something she enjoys. Here’s what she thought of Night Moves by Jonathan Kellerman. “I've read Kellerman books for ages! I still remember the first one, aware even then, that his work was different. He's a uniquely talented writer, with the ability to enthrall a reader with a glimpse of dark and twisty California crimes. Kellerman's books work because they are consistently good. I love the main characters, Alex, Milo and Robin. With books in the Alex Delaware series, the reader gets an inside look at police procedures, psychological insights and enduring friendships and relationships. Curl up and enjoy this one!”

I spent my snow day in the thrall of the new John Connolly novel coming out in May. With He, Connolly leaves behind his very popular mystery series The Charlie Parker Stories and re imagines the live and career of Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame. But this is not sunshine and roses look at a man’s life but a deep dive into a very complex man. He drinks, he carouses, he cheats on his wives (yes, multiples! And he married one of them twice!). To be sure, he was a deeply flawed individual and yet the one shining thing in his life was his partnership and friendship with Oliver Hardy. This is the rare glimpse into a truly deep and tender relationship between two men. My only caveat is that you will end up going down a Google Image rabbit hole looking up Old Hollywood."

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