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It's the Pollen Bomb Edition

Welcome to The Pollen Bomb Edition of You Are What You Read.

As I am sure you all have observed, the golden light of Spring is finally upon us.

And just what causes that golden light?

Pollen Bomb, People. We are being Pollen Bombed. It. Is. Everywhere. And it is The Thing which we will be discussing this week.

We are looking at the world through a haze of pollen. It is coating everything and we are breathing it in like champs. Nature hates us and is going to make us pay.

You may have noticed that your car has changed to a yellowish green no matter what your true paint color is, that your eyes feel like someone threw a handful of sand in them, that lump in your throat which feels like you swallowed a fur covered golf ball and then there’s that sinus headache that is yours to keep for days.

You can thank Pollen Bomb for all of it.

How does this happen?

Pollen Bombs happen when we have extended winter periods (aka the entire months of March and April), when plants are unable to flower followed by warm and dry weather (Hello May!) when grasses and trees go into overdrive to make up for lost time (I am looking at you March and April).

How to deal this all of this yellow? Of course, there’s over-the-counter meds, keep those windows closed, and think about turning on that AC to help filter the air, or go running to your local allergy doc for some specialized relief.

People! This is the price we pay for those beach weekends we have in a few weeks. Chin up and hankies at the ready. Here’s hoping that this weekend’s scheduled rain washes some of this stuff away.

This week we have pretty, patients, excuses, and a crime scene. And btw, You are What You Read is taking next week off. See you on the 25th!

Let us begin!

Diane is reading pretty with Charlotte Moss Entertains. “This is an incredibly beautiful book that was published in April. The author's style fills this book with page after page of inspiration. Reviews say Charlotte is ‘sharing some of her best ideas and tricks’ for creating unforgettable table settings. The book features two of Charlotte Moss's annual parties, the Christmas Ball and the Caftan Caucus. There are photos of the invitations and fabulous table settings. Many other parties and invitation styles and tables capes and flower arrangements fill this book. What more can I say? The linens and china are to die for.”

Spunky Jill M has read one of our most enduring popular books Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. “So many patrons have been chattering about the book Pachinko by Min Jin Lee that I just had to see what all the hub bub was about! What is a Pachinko anyway, you may ask. The Korean-born author brilliantly opened my eyes to a trying course of history which I never was taught in history class. The novel, Pachinko is a beautifully written story that traces a Korean family from the early 1900’s in Japanese-occupied Korea through the late 1980s. The story follows four generations through their sagas of desperate struggles as well as hard-earned successes while enduring alienation and bigotry with the Japanese colonization of Korea. As Min Jin Lee writes ‘Living every day in the presence of those who refuse to acknowledge your humanity takes great courage’. I loved this book with its captivating story and highly recommend it to all. And by the way, Pachinko is also an arcade type game of chance; much like life itself, one could say.”

Brit loves a Graphic Novel and here’s what she loves this week: Taking Turns by MK Czerwiec. “MK Czerwiec graduates college with a degree in English and Philosophy. After some time in a dead-end job making copies and sorting tax forms, she decides it’s time for a change and goes back to school for nursing. But on the first day of her medical clinical rotation, she decides she needs to quit. The patients remind her too much of her father, and her heart just can’t take it. Rather than allow her to quit school, her instructor requests she complete a rotation with AIDS patients. ‘You’ll learn everything you need to know to be a great nurse and the patients won’t remind you of your dad.’ What MK finds is so much more than an education in how to be a nurse. This book had me nearly in tears multiple times. I was young when the AIDS epidemic caught the world by storm, and thus missed learning much about it until now. To have this story told by a nurse on the front line is just incredible. Besides the sadness and disbelief of what these patients went through at height of the epidemic, and what the doctors and nurses experienced in the first decade of HIV/AIDS treatment, what stood out to me most was the lesson on how to treat and care for a person who is dying. The compassion and love MK shows her patients throughout the book is inspiring and applicable across many different careers. I see parallels in the way she spoke with her patients and the way I need to speak to patrons who approach me with medical questions. This is an eye-opening and inspiring book all around. Read this, then go be kind to everyone you meet.”

Kim also has a Graphic Novel for us this week with Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen. “It's a fun and quirky read, for any age, really! This graphic novel follows the life of a young woman and her thought processes about different daily activities. She is complex, energetic and unprepared for what the day is about to throw at her. For example, you’ll find out what goes through her mind with ‘Why I am always Late in the Winter’:

  1. One does not want to leave their warm bed
  2. One does not want to leave the warm house

The page then ends with a bundled up human all geared up for winter taking on what the winter days bring no matter what! Many will be able to relate to this character especially on her Graduation Day. Andersen draws her with bulging eyes and a wide open mouth screaming ‘I don't know if I can do this!’ A moment we can all relate to!”

The Always Fabulous Babs B has been raving about The Fallen by David Baldacci. “Amos Decker and his partner are visiting her sister in a small Pennsylvania town. Amos stumbles into a crime scene and what unfolds is a harrowing story that takes into today's headlines, the opioid crisis, and takes Decker and his partner on an epic investigation that leads to some very surprising conclusions. The loss of jobs, insurance fraud, hidden treasure and murder are some of the themes in this story. I could not put this book down and thought it had a great ending to a very complicated story!”

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