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It's the Gala Edition

Hello and welcome to the Gala Edition of You are What You Read.

This has been one of the saddest weeks that I can ever remember. Sadness everywhere you turn. All I want to say about it is that if you are that kind of sad, please do your best to lift yourself out of that quicksand of sorrow and try to reach out to those who love you. If you notice a person in your life who isn’t quite themselves, reach out to them. None of us is an island. Talk to each other People! The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.

Saturday night is our Big Fancy Gala. We use the money raised from the event and auction items to buy the stuff that brings you all so much enjoyment. If you all are at odds tomorrow night on what to do with yourselves after the Belmont is done, how about you come on out, buy a ticket, have a little glass of something (it is National Rosé Day tomorrow after all), nosh on a bit of bite sized something, and bid on an auction item if you can. We thank you in advance for your kindness and support.

Don’t forget we’ll be closed tomorrow while we make the library ready for its close-up. You all can still library from home with our digital resources though and we’ll see you all Sunday for regular hours 1-5.

This week we have some happiness, flowers, bridesmaids, goals and a coma. Because really, why not muck up all those rainbows and unicorns.

Let us begin!

Sweet Ann is enjoying some memoir reading this week with Happiness: The Crooked Little Road to Semi-After by Heather Harphan. “This is a heart grabbing story of the author’s baby girl, Amelia-Grace , who is born with a rare blood disease. Brian, Heather's boyfriend, seems perfect in every way, except that he does not want children. When Heather becomes accidentally pregnant, she hopes Brian will change his mind about parenthood and be as happy as she is. When it does not happen that way, Heather heads home to California to stay with her mom until she has the baby. She and Brian end on fairly good terms and this is important because he will step up as Baby Grace gets older. This memoir is about what a mother will do to help her child, friendship and love. It is written beautifully and Heather has quite the sense of humor considering the seriousness of the situation. She is also quite open about her frailties and her insecurities. This is a well written memoir that I could not put down.”

Diane is reading pretty again this week. “Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden is the perfect guide to growing flowers, the harvesting of them and getting them arranged in just the right container. Author Erin Benzakein discusses the design of the garden, the plants to grow in it and the keys to success. The book shows us wonderful flowers for each season that we all love to see and have in our gardens. The advice on growing sweet peas, cosmos, snapdragons and zinnias was practical and informative. Many other flowers are discussed and photographed, but these are some of my favorites and I wanted to learn more about their growing and harvesting habits. This is a great book to refer to in any season and full of inspiration and beautiful photographs.”

Spunky Jill M just finished The Bridesmaid’s Daughter by Nyna Giles and Eve Claxton and here’s what she thought about that! “The Bridesmaid’s Daughter by Nyna Giles and Eve Claxton is a reflective memoir that touches on marriage, motherhood and mental health. Nyna Giles bravely delves into her family’s history as she seeks to understand how her mother, Carolyn Scoot Reybold, once a Ford model and bridesmaid at Grace Kelly’s wedding, ended up living at a woman’s shelter at the old Park Avenue Armory. When Nyna was shopping with her son in Westchester, she was mortified to recognize her mother’s photo with the tabloid headline: “Former Bridesmaid of Princess Grace Lives in Homeless Shelter”. Her family’s ordeal was no longer a private matter. Nyna faced this public scrutiny head-on and choose to trace her mother’s journey from a young model living at the Barbizon hotel to her current state as a resident in a homeless shelter. As the youngest of three girls, Nyna spent most of her childhood at home rather than in school because her mother frequently insisted that her daughter was too ill to attend school. Nyna shares memories of her mother as being depressed and very isolated when they lived with her father on their Long Island estate. Nyna was only 15 year old when her parents were divorced and moved she into Manhattan to live with her older sister Jill, a godchild of Princess Grace. By bringing the entire story to light, Nyna offers an insight into how mental illness was often undiagnosed and untreated years ago. I enthusiastically recommend this thoughtful memoir as a summer read!”

Kim is getting motivated this week! “I read For Everyone by Jason Reynolds and I would recommend reading this book more than once. Because it is written as a poem, you will want to read it again so you can discover the meaning behind the words. What is inspiring about Reynolds is that he wants his readers to discuss, share and take ownership of having read this book; on the first page the text states: "pass it on.” There is a space where you can write who this book is to and who this book is from, in case one chooses to pass along this read to their family or friends. On page 85, Reynolds states, "The purpose is real. That making it is possible." This book will leave the reader to analyze their short and long term goals with a fresh set of eyes!"

The Always Fabulous Babs B has spent the week raving about Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney.“The narrator of this thriller is in the hospital in a coma, but can hear what is happening and what is going on around her and it is nothing short of terrifying . Amber has a suspicion her husband and sister have something to do with her being in an accident but cannot speak. I thought this was very cleverly written and loved hearing what Amber was thinking while in this coma, sizing up everyone in the room and giving us her insight. This book grabbed me from the beginning and I promise once you start you won't be able to stop reading this amazing psychological thriller!”

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