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It's the Bears Part Deux Editon

Welcome to the Bears! Part Deux Edition of You Are What You Read Edition.

Last week, I truly thought that this was just a weird Animals Run Amok streak. I thought oh just a whole lot of bears running around doing bearish things as bears apparently will.

Well People, this week there is more of the Ursus Shenanigans. Is this our new normal? I know that people are freaked about the shark attacks on Long Island but there hasn’t been a shark attack there since 1953. I think we should focus our attentions to just what is happening with all these bears.

There was the bear in Los Angeles that was thirsting for more than fame and fortune who decided to cool off in by doing some pool hopping. Because Hollywood I guess? The residents of the Granada Hills neighborhood were placed on lockdown until they could tranquilize it for relocation to a more appropriate area.

Then there was the bear that a New Hampshire woman found in her kitchen at 1:00 am which is most decidedly not where that bear or any bear belongs. The poor 71-year-old wheelchair bound woman had to go to the hospital with injuries. Not a good way to start or end your day. Who wants to fight a bear in your kitchen? Who wants to fight with a bear period?

Another** bear** charged into the water in Squamish BC and went after a kayaker (yikes!). This bear actually goes SWIMMING after this poor dude. It’s terrifying. You can watch it if you dare. Swear to God this bear is faster than Michael Phelps.

There’s the not-too-terribly-bright man in Kentucky who thought it would be a good idea to HAND FEED a bear out of his truck window and was SHOCKED(!) when that bear went after his entire arm.

And of course in our own backyard, there was the untimely end of the bear found near Merritt Parkway Exit 31 in Greenwich.

Our people in Hartford want to know if you see a bear. There is a page where you can report your bear sighting on our state website and they‘re keeping a bear tally which you can view with your own eyes. Of course, it’s not up to date but from July of last year to May of this one, the good people of Avon have spotted 382 bears. That just seems like a lot of bear to me.

I don’t know about you but this whole bear situation is getting out of hand. Maybe they have always been around and are tired of humans and our ways and have decided to take matters in their own paws?

This week we have a Yalie, basketball, some Southern, and lots of scheming.

No You Are What You Read next week! I’ll be in Midtown at Publisher Preview. In Midtown. Where there are no bears. I hope. See you all again on August 3rd.

Let us begin!

Sweet Ann is reading some non-fiction this week with The Girl Who Smiled Beads: A Story of War and What Comes After by Clemantine Wamariya and Elizabeth Weil. “This is Clematine Wamariya's memoir about the horrific conflict in Rwanda. She and her older sister endured six gut-wrenching years running, hiding and living in refugee camps, which had their own horrors. When Clemantine reaches the United States she lives a life she could have never imagined. She will me will meet Oprah, who will reunite her with her parents and a surviving sibling and attend Yale University. But even though her past is always a breath away, she realizes she must be strong and choose to live the life she wants on her own terms. This is a very well written memoir and you will remember Clemantine long after you are finished reading her story.”

Mallory is making sure that everyone moves away from her on the train. I’ll let her explain. “I know I’m a few years late to this one but, Jen, I audibly sobbed--we’re talking breath gasps and streaked mascara here—-on Metro North this week. Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover was the culprit. Josh and JB are a pair of tight-knit twins, who have bonded over the basketball court and good natured ribbing of one another. The book is structured as a narrative poem, weaving different types of poetry and literary technique throughout, making what has to be the most lyrical book about basketball ever written. Filled with heart, you feel the rhythm of Josh dribbling his basketball just as much as you feel the emotional, kick-to-the-gut ending. If you’re looking for a quick read filled with familial loyalty, redemption, and masterful language, I cannot recommend The Crossover more ardently."

The Always Fabulous Babs B is rediscovering a favorite writer with The Dying Of The Light by Robert Goolrick . “I have enjoyed each of Robert Goolrick's books but this one is my favorite: well done with humor, historical details and characters that are hilarious within their self-made tragedies. I couldn't put this book down and the story builds with many twists and turns. This is Southern fiction at its best. Especially if you relate to the good ol' boys and southern bells who will do anything to keep the family honor intact!”

Spunky Jill M is here with her take on The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine. “This debut novel by the sister team of Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine is a great summer read. An intriguing story set in an exclusive Connecticut town portrays the seemingly ideal couple, Daphne and Jackson Parrish as the consummate socialite and philanthropist. Enter Amber Patterson, who ingratiates herself into their lavish lifestyle and bonds with Daphne over their mutual loss of sisters. Though the novel starts out slowly, the calculated and scheming narrative that unfolds keeps the reader turning the pages. No spoiler alerts here, folks. Sorry. Just know that the storyline culminates with an unexpected yet satisfying plot twist. Grab a copy and enjoy this psychological thriller!”

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