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It's the Farewell Summer of 2018 Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Farewell Summer of 2018 Edition of You Are What You Read. Granted we have 23 more days of it being “officially” summer, but once Labor Day happens and the Young go back to school it’s pretty much in the can isn’t it?

What were our lessons from this summer?

Sharks and Bears are tag team tormenting us humans with their shenanigans, and that peacocks can terrorize an entire neighborhood. This summer’s theme could well be The Animal Kingdom Has Had Enuff and is Taking Back What’s Theirs.

There is a bobcat whose appearance has prevented the adorable moppets of Weston from having outdoor recess. This cat has been sighted near the Elementary and Middle School. No one wants their kid to become a literal “school lunch”.

More beaches on the Cape were shut down this week because of the shark problem and in North Carolina one woman came home from work to find a bear in her hammock in the backyard (no word on if the bear was enjoying a cold one) and another came home to find a note from her UPS man saying he was denied his chance to deliver her package because there was a bear in the driveway. And let’s not overlook the bear who tried to break in to an OCCUPIED car in Washington State. Because Bear Thug Life (Thanks Lois C – her real name).

It should be noted that Lemon Pig has been no help whatsoever.

Sad lessons for an all too quickly retreating season.

People! Remain Ever Watchful. And remember if you see something, share it with me.

No You Are What You Read until September 21st. Because of the upcoming short week and it’s time for me to visit my Publishing friends to hear what they’re excited about for this Spring and next Summer. If you see me skittering around Midtown make sure you say hi. See you back here on the true last day of summer.

Don’t forget we will be closed on Monday. But we’ll see you back at it on Tuesday morning.

This week we have some watching, some reading and some listening. There is literally something for everybody!

Let us begin!

Brittany is watching this week. “I can’t stop watching Shameless. William H. Macy is Frank Gallagher, a raging alcoholic and pathological liar with the mental capacity to somehow weasel his way out of almost any amount of trouble he lands in. His daughter Fiona, played by the beautiful and talented Emmy Rossum, cares for her 5 younger siblings in the absence of her parents. Her brothers Lip (short for Philip) and Ian help her bring in money to keep the household running. Lip uses his near-genius intelligence to pull off drug-selling schemes, and Ian has a steady job at a convenience store. Then there’s Debbie, who hasn’t quite come to accept that Frank is a deadbeat, Carl, aspiring psychopath, and baby Liam. Assisted by a steady stream of friends and neighbors, these kids try their best to pull themselves up by the bootstraps on the South-side of Chicago. You come to care about every single one of them. I’ve caught myself saying things like ‘Oh, Debbie I’m so sorry’ to my television on more than one occasion. You get pulled right into their world. I’m on Season 3 with no stopping point in sight. I’ll note for discerning watchers that that this series is sexually explicit and contains a lot of nudity, profanity, and drug use.”

Kaitlin from the Rock is here! In one piece! And she’s reading. Hello Kaitlin! “Hello! While I was trying to distract myself from the homicidal shark on the beaches of Cape Cod, I read The Opposite of Loneliness, by Marina Keegan (in fact, I was reading this book when The Incident from last week's YAWYR occurred). I absolutely LOVED this collection of short stories. Marina has just graduated from Yale and died very tragically in a car accident just five days later. This mix of fiction and nonfiction essays and stories were put together and published after her death and cover a whole range of topics, from the fictional story about the death of a boyfriend to her personal real life story about living with Celiac disease. The stories are wonderful observations of society and human behavior, funny and witty and heartbreaking. I'm not usually a big fan of short stories, but this book was an absolute delight to read.”

Jeanne is listening this week. “I listened to Tangerine by Christine Mangan with Barrie Kreinik and Erin Mallon as narrators. The story is of Alice Shipley who has had strong love and tragic loss in her young life. First her parents die, so she is raised by her stuffy aunt and then her fiancée dies, so she marries a man she thinks “might be good for her.” She is having difficulty adjusting to her new life in Tangier where she barely leaves their flat. The last thing she expects is for her college roommate, Lucy Mason, to show up at her door in Morocco. Lucy has also had a complicated life with frightening consequences. Alice, who is English and rather shy and Lucy who is American and very forward have a complicated history from their relationship at their small college in Vermont. Now they are together again in a revolutionary time in Morocco in the 1950s. Mangan weaves an exotic tale in an exotic city, balancing between the disturbing backstory and the sinister present. The talented narrators give just the right personalities and just enough creepy to their characters. Tangerine is an excellent debut that may soon be a major motion picture with George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson!"

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