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It's the Fall Equinox Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Fall Equinox Edition of You Are What You Read.

This Saturday is the official start of Fall (specifically at 9:54 p.m. for those of you who are inquiring minds). What this means is that as at the Spring Equinox, the day time and night time are equal. Until they aren’t. And the days get shorter and shorter and our despair and desperation grow in equal measure.

Good times, People.

But Jen? What does this mean for me you ask?

That’s right, People! It’s time for Wagering!!!

Tights Watch 2018 is ON.

For those new to this space, Tights Watch is a wagering opportunity for you all to guess what the last day is when the ladies on staff here throw up our hands, and realize that the Bare Leg is over for the year. I know I always believe I can make it through to November. And every year I am wrong.

It’s a problem.

While one of us here on Staff broke out the boots already (you know who you are!) the rest of us are still sporting the Bare Leg so let it begin!

Guess what the date is and you will win a prize! And, of course, bragging rights among your kith and kin.

This week we have some Royal, riots, murder, a First Lady, and a Refugee.

Let us begin!

Miss Elisabeth of the CL is here this week feeding her Royal Obsession with Ninety Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret. “What can I say about this book? What, truly, can be said about Princess Margaret? That she was unlucky or unhappy in love? She certainly seemed to be doomed to always love the wrong man. That she chaffed against the rigid outlines of her life as the also-ran, the spare? Certainly, anecdotes abound that show her doing the bare minimum on her royal duties. Was she charming? To some. Was she a giant B? To others! Was she dedicated to her country or to her position? We may never know, but what Craig Brown has done in this completely beguiling biography is offer us 99 peeks into an opaque life, and allow us to draw our own conclusions. I walked away from this book charmed despite myself, saddened for Margaret’s place in the world, worried that Prince Harry is not prepared for his pending, similar decline in importance, and wishing the American publishers had kept the original, British title: Ma’am Darling.”

The Amazing Amanda is back to review the second book in Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper series, Bloodhound. "The first book covered Beka's uncovering a murder ring. In the second, a great fear that was hinted at in the first book -- counterfeit coins and how they can take down a kingdom -- is the crime Beka pursues. The book starts with a bang with a massive riot as bread prices spiral out of control. Beka uses her birdies and sharp wits to realize that the source of the coins are up-river. She goes in disguise to Port Caynn alongside one of her fellow officers. Beka finds murder, treachery, new enemies, and few friends. The villain is fairly clear, but her heart is clouded with doubt over the loyalty of some people she meets. This book was slower going than the previous one. However, the addition of a new canine friend gives the book a sweetness which you don't want to miss."

Sweet Ann has just finished Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent. “This psychological thriller will keep you turning pages. From the first sentence of the book, you know a young woman has been murdered. You will also learn who the murderer is and who their accomplice is. It is a married couple who believe they have gotten away with murder. The story is narrated from different perspectives including the wife, Lydia, part of the murderous couple, her son Laurence, who might have figured out a thing or two and the victim's sister who wants to discover what has happened to her missing sister. This novel had some twists and turns that I did not expect. I enjoyed it quite a bit although I hoped for a better ending. This thriller is a fun quick read that will keep you guessing and second guessing what you think will happen next.”

The Always Fabulous Babs B has been raving about Betty Ford: First Lady, Women's Advocate, Survivor, Trailblazer by Lisa McCubbin. “Lisa McCubbin's new book tells the unique story of a remarkable American woman named Betty Bloomer Ford. She was a former dancer, model and recent divorcee when she met fellow Michigander Gerald Ford. After dating Betty for six months, Jerry proposed by saying, ‘I'd like to marry you’. Two weeks after their 1948 wedding, Jerry won a seat in Congress and as they say the rest is history! In 1964, Betty got a pinched nerve in her neck causing excruciating pain. Only strong medications would relieve it, and all to easily she became addicted. Betty was also having evening cocktails and a recipe for disaster was in the making. Her whole family finally held an Intervention in 1978 and Betty had to admit to herself that she had a problem and needed help fast. This is a personal story of being first lady, mother, activist, recovering alcoholic, but it is also a great love story. Betty and Gerald had a great love and respect for each other and their family. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book about an amazing woman!”

Jeanne has just finished Butterfly: From Refugee to Olympian – My Story of Rescue, Hope, and Triumph by Yusra Mardini and here’s what she thought. “Yusra is a talented, beautiful young woman living in Damascus, Syria who wants to swim, go to school and be a teenager. She is an extremely dedicated, competition-winning swimmer whose father is a respected swim coach. In fact she trained with the support of the Syrian Olympic Committee. Her life and that of her family and neighbors is violently changed when the war gets so close to their neighborhood that they have to keep moving and the pool where they train is bombed. The family decides that she and her older sister, Sarah, who is also a swimmer, should flee the chaos and danger of their home country. Through smugglers, money, some luck and a lot of danger and fear, they make their way to Lebanon, then to Turkey and finally to Germany. This is a story of struggle, commitment, trusting the right people and believing in yourself.”

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