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It's the Eyebombing Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Eyebombing Edition of You are What You Read.

First some housekeeping.

I remain steadfast in the quest to remain bare legged as long as possible. So if you picked this week as our Surrender to the Tight Week you picked wrong. Sorry. In weirdly related news, I noticed that Parisian Ladies are all pretty much Team Tight. And in fact, in the neighborhood where the Traveling Companion and I stayed, I noted SEVERAL stores specializing in tights. If anyone has insights into this please report back. I am fascinated.

This week’s full moon is known as the Full Hunter’s Moon, the Travel Moon or the Dying Grass Moon. I get names one and three but the Travel Moon has me flummoxed. Again, report back with any wisdom you possess on this topic. For those of you wondering when to set those eggs for the month, your dates are the 26th and 27th. Good luck with all that. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has the 411 on all this. Except that Travel piece.

Now, let’s discuss our new Thing. It’s been a while, hasn’t it, since we had a new Thing?

Eyebombing is our new thing.

Jen! What the what?”

People! Eyebombing is the new weird trend that has been getting really creative of late. Eyebombing is the act of sticking googly eyes where they don’t belong.

The most recent case happened in Savannah, Georgia when some prankster decided to make the statue of Nathanael Green, the Revolutionary War hero, a whole lot more hilarious that it is by sticking googly eyes on it. This wasn’t hard because our boy Nate looked pretty humorless to begin with, so this googly eye mission was successful.

While they succeeded, the city of Savannah was not amused and they are leading an active investigation to find the perp. But even they realize that justice may not be served here. On the original police report they confessed that solvability had “low probability.”

Not so in Kuwait. Nope. Some demented genius fish monger was selling less than fresh merchandise. You know that when a whole fish is fresh, its eyes are bright and shiny. When the merch is old? Not so much. The eyes go dull and dry. How to solve this? GOOGLY EYES!

I think the real story here is never buy fish in Kuwait. Another vendor was caught stuffing his catch-of-the-day with nails to increase weight on the scales. The BBC has a story on that you all can enjoy.

And of course there is a blog called Eyebombing where creative types stick them on common objects and share them all with us. Their tag line is “Humanizing the world, one googly eye at a time” and I do have to admit that they are a whole lot of fun to look at.

And, there has been some Eyebombing at the Library. See if you can find it and report back.

This week we have a memoir about a famous person, a memoir about an ordinary person, some fantasy about a made-up person, a mental institution, and some crafting.

Let us begin!

Sweet Ann has just finished one of our most popular books In Pieces by Sally Field. “This is a wonderful memoir especially if you are a Sally Field fan. I found her to be quite open and honest when talking about her personal life and her acting career. She had a tough childhood especially after her parents divorced, when she and her brother were quite young. She was sent alone, without her brother on weekend custody visits with her dad. Both she and her brother remember that their mom did not send him on the weekends because she felt the father did not care that much about him. Sally was generally ignored on these visits which enhanced her feelings of loneliness and isolation. Her mother remarried a Hollywood stuntman who was abusive to Sally and her brother. This seemed, in part, to lead Sally to having difficult relationships with men and not being the parent she wanted to be especially when her children were young.

Her acting career started with the television series Gidget which lasted just one year. In her early twenties she was cast as 'The Flying Nun'; a role she has detested all her life. As an aside, as a young girl attending parochial school in the Bronx, I loved The Flying Nun and would watch to see if any of my real life nuns would take off. I also have her much disliked Flying Nun album. I must remember not to tell her these facts if I am ever fortunate enough to meet her. Field discusses her acting classes and the directors who took chances on her and gave her wonderful roles such as 'Sybil' and 'Norma Rae'. The memoir ends with her being cast as Mary Todd Lincoln for the movie 'Lincoln'. In Pieces, is a great Hollywood story, and after reading it, you are happy that Sally Field seems at peace in her present life.”

Colleen also has a memoir she wants us to know about. ”All You Can Ever Know by Nicole Chung is an inspirational memoir about cross-cultural adoption. Born to Korean parents, Chung is adopted by a white couple and raised in a small community in Oregon. Her memoir is beautifully written with careful consideration of those she loves as she tries to establish where she came from and what her cultural heritage could have been. Chung reflects on race and identity as she journeys through her life, from her lonely and isolated days as a transracial adoptee to her joys of motherhood, as she discovers her family and their painful secrets. Written with honesty and passion, this book will make you cry and then warm your heart!”

The Amazing Amanda finished the Beka Cooper series by Tamora Pierce. "Mastiff is the last volume in this trilogy. Honestly, knowing what I know now, I'd recommend skipping the second book and going straight to this one. It's fast-paced as the plot kicks in just a few pages in. Beka and her three partners are sent to hunt down a group of kidnappers and rescue their victim. The book takes you out of the cities of Tortall and across the land in a high-stakes chase. A mage is introduced who uses magic in ways which I've never seen described before in other fantasy works. There are gruesome surprises, fascinating new characters, questioning loyalties amongst friends, a kingdom in turmoil, and the outcome leaves you gasping in disbelief. This is the finest Tamora Pierce novel I've read to date."

The Always Fabulous Babs B is getting her Halloween on. Literally with 'Halloween', the movie from 1978. After reading they were making a sequel to the 1978 Halloween movie marking the 40th anniversary, my son and I decided to watch the original which I haven't seen in years. I have to tell you it still scared me to death after all these years! For those of those who don't know the story, in a nutshell, it's about a 6 year old boy who murders his older sister with a knife on Halloween and is sent to a mental institution. Fifteen years later he escapes and is a mad psycho intent on killing 3 babysitters on Halloween. I know, it sounds cheesy but this guy is really scary and apparently there is no killing him as you find out at the end of the movie! Jamie Lee Curtis is the only sitter who survives. How fun for her to star in the remake 40 years later that made her career!"

Bubbly Ali-O has been busy. “Recently I delved into the world of crepe paper flower making, and I used two wonderful new books as my guide! Flowersmith by Jennifer Tran is great if you're new to crepe paper flower making. I found her flower shapes to be simple and fairly easy to assemble. She has all of her techniques in a chapter in the back of the book, which I recommend you read first before trying to make anything. Once you've made a few and you are ready for a challenge, I HIGHLY recommend picking up The Fine Art of Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner, even if it's just for the eye candy. She truly takes flower making to the next level, and this book includes all of her tricks in customizing the paper to get an unbelievable amount of realism. That being said, I also found the wording of her directions to be a little confusing, but she has enough pictures to guide you along the way. I had a great time giving it my best shot though, and I hope some of you will give it a try and email me photos of your results! Also an FYI, if you order paper for this craft, skip any that say lightweight. Heavy crepe is MUCH easier to manipulate for beginners and will save you a lot of frustration.'s heavyweight crepe was the most affordable, even with the shipping cost. Happy crafting!”

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