Are you an expert in all things Darien? Or are you just moving to Darien and want to learn more? Then visit the Darien LocalWiki which gives you a headstart to learning about restaurants, parks, community organizations, and more. While the Library started this project, the Darien LocalWiki is for everyone to add to. If you see something missing, you can fix it!

Get Involved

We need your help to make the Darien LocalWiki even better. We invite you to create an account on LocalWiki. Then go to Darien LocalWiki to get started on adding and editing. Visit How to Get Started to view guidelines on how to add high-quality information about Darien.

Business Owners

The Darien LocalWiki is another opportunity to bring more people to your business. By maintaining and updating a page for your business, you will not only be part of a community effort, but also have opportunities to form partnerships with residents and visitors alike.

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