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Available for Small Groups

Need a place to study or have a meeting? We have a variety of spaces to meet your needs. All rooms include WiFi access, power outlets, a table, and chairs. These rooms are available for two hour blocks of time. They may be reserved up to one month in advance by Darien residents, those who work in Darien full-time, and Friends of the Library who donate annually at the $300 level or above.

Call 203-669-5236. Non-resident members may use these rooms on a first-come first-served basis. Just stop by the Reference Desk on the Second Level to sign up for your room!

Agati Media Station

Capacity: 6

Agati Workstation

The Agati Media Station is a collaborative workstation. This space is ideally suited for students working together or entrepreneurs presenting to clients. It is located on the Second Level. The Agati is located in the open air, not in an enclosed room.

Amenities include a 50 inch monitor and connections for four laptops.

Traver Room

Capacity: 6

Power Library Conference Room

The Traver Room is ideal for a small meeting or study group. You can print and copy your papers next door in the Business Center. It is located on the Lower Level inside the Power Library.

Cellphone reception is very weak as it's underground.

Harris Writer's Room

Capacity: 8

Harris Room

The Harris Writer's Room is great for quiet working groups! From this room you are just a few feet away from a reference librarian and all of the non-fiction materials when you work in this room! It is located on the Second Level in the Research Room.

Cellphone use is permitted.

Lautenbach Writer's Room

Capacity: 6

Writer's Room

The Lautenbach Writer's Room features seclusion for the talkative work group. With plenty of light, it is our most charming meeting room. It is located on the Mezzanine Level of the Library.

Cellphone use is permitted.

Quiet Study Room

Capacity: 2

Mezzanine Study Room

The Quiet Study Rooms are built for solitude! Two people may be in these rooms if they are doing silent study. The three Quiet Study Rooms are located on the Mezzanine Level of the Library.

This is a silent study space.

Available to Large Groups

These rooms may be rented for a fee per the Meeting Rooms Policy by submitting an application. All rooms include WiFi access, power outlets, a table, and chairs.

Louise Parker Berry Community Room

Capacity: 171 seating; standing room capacity 225

Louise Parker Berry Community Room

The Community Room with its large motorized screen is perfect for film screenings, lectures, debates, and more! The Room features a piano, a podium, as well as overhead and wall lighting. Theater style seating is available. It is conveniently located on the First Floor around the corner from our Welcome Desk.

Conference Room

Capacity: 22 conference seating; 40 presentation seating

Conference Room

The Conference Room is ideal for a more intimate group meeting or presentation. The Room features twelve tables that can be configured as one long conference table or rearranged to meet the needs of your group. Additionally, a large sidebar is available for placement of refreshments or other items. The Conference Room is located on the Mezzanine Level of the Library.

Amenities include a backlit projection screen, cable TV access, and a sidebar counter.

Technology Training Center

Capacity: 12

Technology Training Center

The Technology Training Center is a powerful classroom for small groups. Students face a large screen at the front of the room where the teacher demonstrates their lesson. The small room is ideal for in-depth technology classes or for computer project work. The Technology Training Center is located on the Lower Level by the Power Library.

Amenities include 12 PC computers outfitted with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and many other programs, an instructor's PC, the large wall-mounted television screen, and a podium.

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