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Golden Globe Winners

Decide for yourself if you think these films/movies deserve a Golden Globe!

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Note to Shelf: New Year Edition

Happy New Year, everyone! The idea of embarking on a new decade has all of us at the Library aiming high with our New Year’s reading resolutions. Luckily for us, 2020 has already produced some great new titles like **_[Dear Edward](** by Ann Napolitano, **_[Such a Fun Age](** by Kiley Reid, and **_[Brother & Sister](** by Dian ...

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Foreign Films: Digital Edition

Enjoy a film from abroad: French, Italian, Spanish, or Korean. These digital titles were selected by Jane just for you!

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Note to Shelf: May 4th Edition

Can you believe it, we are officially seven weeks into quarantine and we don’t know about you but, somehow our “to be read” pile of books keeps bigger every day. [Hoopla]( and [Libby by Overdrive]( have been the gifts that keep on giving. Through these apps, we have discovered hidden gems of books or revisited our favorite classics. In addition to all ...

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Note to Shelf: September 14th Edition

September brings with it cooler nights and, this week, a meet-and-greet-with our new director, Kiera Parrott. Stop by the courtyard on **[Thursday, September 17th](** between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to say hello and enjoy a special treat. Get to know Kiera by browsing through a **[list of titles](** she's looking forward to reading this fall.  We’re also ...

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