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Note to Shelf: October 2020 Edition

Another entire season has already slipped by in these unusual times. Autumn officially began on September 22nd, the autumnal equinox, when day and night were each about 12 hours long. But before the chill of winter comes, there’s still time to enjoy the beautiful weather and changing leaves—especially as the summer’s prolonged warm temperatures are predicted to delay peak fall foliage. According ...

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Note to Shelf: November Edition

Ah! November is here with its crisp air, foliage ablaze in rich hues, and mellowing days that have become shorter but are just as precious. As we savor walking in this cool air, hearing the crunch of leaves beneath our feet and enjoying the smell of smoke from fireplaces, we can breathe in the landscape of autumnal beauty. “Autumn is like a glorious woman rich in wisdom and beauty, joyous in her s ...

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Note to Shelf: December 2020 Edition

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year unlike any other and it will probably go down as one of the worst in a good long while. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been joy. As we head into the heart of the holiday season, we want to end the year on a high note and celebrate some inspiring stories from the past 12 months.   We met heroes such as 15-year-old [**Valerie Xu**](, ...

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New DVD Releases for February 2021

Looking for a myriad of different films to keep you entertained this weekend? We have you covered!

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