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It's the Fat Tuesday Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Fat Tuesday Edition of _You Are What You Read_. First, yet another PSA BEGGING all you sick people to **STAY HOME**. We mean it. This flu is nothing to play with. In the state of Connecticut, our death toll is up to 52. I have seen some of you in here with your red noses, rheumy eyes, shuffling-head-down gait, and wad of Kleenex the size of a softball wandering arou ...

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Note To Shelf: May Edition

Welcome to the May edition of Note to Shelf. As we start the countdown to summer, we’re pleased to share the theme for this year’s Adult Summer Reading Program, **_"Reaching For The Stars."_** All of our summer reading programs will blast-off with a kick-off party on Saturday, June 8th at 2 p.m. The all-ages party will feature games, music, face painting, and ice cream! Staff will be there to shar ...

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