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Darien Library is Closed We are closed until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you'd like to be notified of when we resume our services, please enter your email in the form below. Our librarians are available to help you with in-depth research questions and tech help. Just fill out the form and we'll be in touch to arrange your one-on-one session. Appointments are typically schedu ...

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Collection Development Policy

Print this policy Darien Library is a free, non-sectarian public library whose aim is to provide a currently useful collection of materials representing different points of view for the educational, informational and recreational opportunities of its users and to give guidance in its use. It is the primary objective of the Library to provide and organize materials for people from infancy through m ...

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Databases & Websites Access premium genealogy database like Ancestry.com, American Ancestors, and America's Obituaries and Death Notices via the Library. View the genealogy databases and websites. Local History & Genealogy Collection The Library has its own Local History collection on the Second Level. We also house the Middlesex Genealogical Society's collection. Stop by and visit the Res ...

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Get a Library Card

Do you want to join Darien Library? That's great! We're glad to have you here. To check out materials or use a computer, you need to have a library card. It's a quick and easy process. Just come to the Welcome Desk when you first enter the Library to get started. To get a Darien Libary Card Bring in to the Welcome Desk something with your Darien address on it (e.g. a piece of mail, your license, l ...

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Local History

Vital Records Vital records like birth, marriage, and death certificates may be accessed at Darien Town Hall. You need to be a member of a Connecticut genealogy society to access vital records at town and city records within the state. Probate and Land Records are also available in the Town Clerk's office. Local genealogy societies include Middlesex Genealogical Society and Connecticut Ancestry So ...

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New Genealogy Books

Summertime is perfect for working on your family's story. You can interview your relatives about their parents and their memories of their grandparents. This collection of books focuses on popular topics from recent genealogy lectures.

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It's the Everything Old is New Again Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Everything Old is New Again Edition of _You Are What You Read_. **My Work Wife Sally** and **I** have long been pondering the need for you all to be able to make your phone calls in the library in a private space. We only have two talking rooms that are hospitable for cell reception and with the way the building is laid out, calls made in certain areas have the a ...

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Research Databases Show Research Databases Only

Ancestry.com Library Edition

This premiere genealogy database is ideal for the family historian. Ancestry Library Edition provides the most genealogical information available on-line, with more than 5 billion names in over 4,000 collections. NOTE: As part of a temporary promotion, Ancestry.com can be accessed from home until May 30, 2020. After this time it will revert to being accessible only from inside the Library.

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Cyndi's List

A list of links that point you to genealogical research sites online. Cyndi's List is one of the most popular genealogy resources on the web today.

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Roots Web

Calls itself the oldest and largest free genealogy site, supported by Ancestry.com.

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USGenWeb Project: Darien, CT

The local page of a nationwide genealogy research site based on the town or county level.

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