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Summer Reading Fun: "When Stars are Scattered"

Welcome back to Summer Reading Fun, where we highlight some of our favorite Summer Reading books and show off fun extension activities to take your enjoyment of our list of Summer Reading books to the next level!

  • Last Updated 10 months ago
  • Catherine Stricklan

Summer Reading: Graphic Novel Recommendations

Hopefully your Summer Reading adventure is progressing nicely. You're reading books, attending programs, marking off challenges. Maybe you’ve even tracked down a lost librarian at this point! Now that we’re securely into week two, you may be looking for a graphic novel to fill in your timeline. We’ve put together a list of titles< ...

  • Last Updated 10 months ago
  • Kaitlin (CL STAFF) Frick

Read in A Day: Graphic Novel Edition

Not huge into drowning in a 500 page novel? Never fear we have a completely legitimate list of books for the person who wants a good (and fast) story. Graphic novels are great for anyone but especially the: slow reader, comic book fan, reluctant readers, teens, grandparents, and anyone in between.

  • Last Updated 4 years ago
  • (10 items)

It's the Final Father's Day Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Final Father’s Day Edition of _You Are What You Read_. **The Traveling Companion** and **I** will be traveling to Florida to spend this Father’s Day with my dad. It will be the last one that we celebrate with him. My dad grew up in Westchester, mostly Larchmont and New Rochelle. Lou Gehrig was a neighbor. One day the Yankee star tried to offer my father some ad ...

  • Last Updated 3 years ago
  • (5 items)

Graphic Medicine

Comics can play a helpful role in the study and delivery of healthcare, and Graphic Medicine as a term denotes the intersection of comics and health narratives. Get a glimpse into the lives of people who have been impacted by any number of illnesses and treatments and faced the same questions and concerns you or someone you know might be facing, or have faced previously. Graphic Novels on health a ...

  • Last Updated 3 weeks ago
  • (72 items)

Non-Fiction Graphic Novels

Do you want to explore history and the personal stories through graphic novels? They're like comic books but longer! Graphic novels is a growing popular art form that tells stories from the World War II, to the Civil Rights Movement, and tales from around the world.

  • Last Updated 3 years ago
  • (7 items)

Graphic Novels Raina Loves

Raina Telgemeier, author/illustrator of the graphic novel SMILE, recommends her favorite graphic novels! Check out the full list on her[ Twitter page. ](https://twitter.com/goraina/status/1072268841877565440)

  • Last Updated 2 years ago
  • (17 items)

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