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Note to Shelf: April 27th Edition

While we continue to work from home, we send all the best and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! If you’re tired of binge watching, or have re-read every book in your favorite series, why not visit some fun websites to help you pass the time? Learn a new language via **[Mango](** or **_[Duolingo](** and wow your friends and family! Check out ...

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Note to Shelf: May 11th Edition

May is **[Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month](** so join us in celebrating their rich heritages. Whether through literature, art, music or culinary delights, enjoy our Just for Fun section which will take you on a journey which shares the myriad of ways we have been enriched! And check out what are our librarians reading this month! All of these titles a ...

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Note to Shelf: May 18th Edition

Our world as we know it has changed, but what hasn’t changed is our natural world! Nature awakens in May with the first tree buds turning into leaves, and flowering lilac bushes explode with a sweet, fragrant scent that fills the warm May air. Life returns to our gardens too. The perennials begin to sprout up from the soil and it’s time to pull on our gardening gloves, dig out the shovel, and plan ...

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