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Note to Shelf: August 10th Edition

Sometimes it feels like the dog days of August will never end—but eventually, of course, the heat tapers off. Have you ever wondered why the hot, sultry days of summers are called “dog days”? It has nothing to do with our canine friends. To the ancient Greeks and Romans, the hottest phase of summer was attributed to heat coming from the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius. Sirius is part of th ...

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Note to Shelf: August 31st Edition

It’s not a rumor. The Darien Library is open. If you are a bibliophile, like many of us, you will be happy to learn that our shelves are filling up each week with brand new books. There is nothing that makes us happier than hearing a patron exclaim, “You’re open… I need a book recommendation!” We love connecting you with the right book at the right time. Oh, and many of us have been on a huge ...

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Note to Shelf: September 14th Edition

September brings with it cooler nights and, this week, a meet-and-greet-with our new director, Kiera Parrott. Stop by the courtyard on **[Thursday, September 17th](** between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to say hello and enjoy a special treat. Get to know Kiera by browsing through a **[list of titles](** she's looking forward to reading this fall.  We’re also ...

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Note to Shelf: November Edition

Ah! November is here with its crisp air, foliage ablaze in rich hues, and mellowing days that have become shorter but are just as precious. As we savor walking in this cool air, hearing the crunch of leaves beneath our feet and enjoying the smell of smoke from fireplaces, we can breathe in the landscape of autumnal beauty. “Autumn is like a glorious woman rich in wisdom and beauty, joyous in her s ...

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Note to Shelf: December 2020 Edition

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year unlike any other and it will probably go down as one of the worst in a good long while. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been joy. As we head into the heart of the holiday season, we want to end the year on a high note and celebrate some inspiring stories from the past 12 months.   We met heroes such as 15-year-old [**Valerie Xu**](, ...

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Note to Shelf: January 2021 Edition

We recognize that 2020 was a challenging year for the majority of us. Yet in the midst of it all, there were silver linings to be found. For instance, this past year has given many of us the opportunity to learn the benefits of technology. Some of us have become proficient with virtual meetings, others have enjoyed online programming fun, and many have become experts at downloading an e-Book or e- ...

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Note to Shelf: February 2021 Edition

For a short month, February is celebrated for many things. It is Black History Month, Library Lovers Month, and National Cancer Prevention Month. We celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, President's Day on February 15th, and February 12th ushers in the Lunar New Year, the year of the ox. Carter G. Woodson’s efforts to recognize the achievements of Black Americans in 1926 laid the ground w ...

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Note to Shelf: March 2021 Edition

March awakens our senses to the splendor of the natural world around us. We experience longer days once the clock springs forward on March 14th. We hear the morning sounds of birds chirping and nesting. We see the first crocus popping up on lawns around our neighborhoods, and the daffodils making an entrance, even if the ground is still sprinkled with snow. We feel the cold winds of early March g ...

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Great Darien Road Trip: Books About Someone Different Than You

Looking for a book about someone who looks or lives differently than you to complete your challenge? Try one of these librarian recommendations!

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Note to Shelf: June 2021 Edition

Hooray! The official start of summer is less than a week away! What a wonderful time of year to immerse yourself in a great book while taking a real or **[virtual road trip](**. As the world slowly reopens, we can savor the warmer weather, reunite with friends and family, and have some fun in the great outdoors. No matter if you are traveling far or staying close to home, yo ...

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Note to Shelf: July 2021 Edition

We’ve waited a while for summer to arrive and this July offers us so much to celebrate! We're getting ready to reunite with family and friends while connecting with the richness and beauty of the outdoors. What a joyful process it is to contemplate where you might head on your summer adventure. A favorite start of the summer season for the Reader Services team is to invite you to be part of our ...

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Note to Shelf: August 2021 Edition

Dear Father Time, We would like to formally request the month of August to last a bit longer this year. Here in Connecticut, August is one of the best months of the year. It feels like life slows down, traffic isn’t as heavy, and while it might be hot, we can still enjoy the summer weather. It also is the best time of the year for reading. For goodness' sakes there is only a week left ...

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Note to Shelf: October 2021 Edition

Summer has once again flown by and cooler temperatures have arrived. We are fortunate to experience the changing of the seasons here in our area. Fall can be especially spectacular when Mother Nature provides us with her kaleidoscope of colors. Our own Connecticut Office of Tourism provides a week by week guide to [**finding fall foliage** ]( ...

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Note to Shelf: November 2021 Edition

A few weeks ago, the Reader Services department had a lively discussion about why some not-so-great books become hugely popular but other amazing books get little or no attention. Of course, this gave each of us the opportunity to stroll down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite titles. But it seemed selfish not to share these underappreciated gems with everyone, so we created an [**Incred ...

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Note to Shelf: December 2021 Edition

December brings many holidays, feasts and happenings! From St. Nicholas Day to the winter solstice, Hanukkah to New Year’s Eve, it’s a busy time of the year. We brace for the coming of winter and spend some time at the end of the year reflecting. The holidays give us a unique opportunity to gather and celebrate. Take time to savor these special moments. Enjoy some quiet time with [**a new book**]( ...

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Note to Shelf: January 2022 Edition

Happy New Year everyone! While 2021 wasn’t necessarily the comeback year that we had all anticipated, we have great hopes for 2022. Here is a fun fact about January: did you know there are more than 100 national days this month? You can celebrate your love of blueberry pancakes on January 28th or dedicate yourself to tidying up on National Clean Your Desk Day (which is today)! If you are a f ...

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