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Note to Shelf: May 18th Edition

Our world as we know it has changed, but what hasn’t changed is our natural world! Nature awakens in May with the first tree buds turning into leaves, and flowering lilac bushes explode with a sweet, fragrant scent that fills the warm May air. Life returns to our gardens too. The perennials begin to sprout up from the soil and it’s time to pull on our gardening gloves, dig out the shovel, and plan ...

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Note to Shelf: June 22nd Edition

Happy June! June is Audiobook Month, the perfect time to celebrate the many ways audiobooks make it possible to combine our love of reading with our favorite summer activities such as gardening, sunbathing, picnicking, hiking in the great outdoors, and driving to vacation destinations. Audiobooks are fun! They bring print books to life with music, sound effects, and character voices; they’re i ...

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Note to Shelf: June 8th Edition

We know this has been a tough few weeks. At Darien Library, our mission is to enrich, educate, and inform our community. We are here to assist you and your families as we make sense of the current unrest. The Library has created resources for **[children](**, **[teens](**, and **[adults](** on racial and social justice. We encour ...

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Note to Shelf: June 15th Edition

Pride is here! While we won't be able to gather at Pride in the Park this June, we're still committed to celebrating Pride month with you in a variety of ways. First, we encourage you to check out our **[diverse collection of books](** that celebrate LGBTQ+ lives. This collection lets some of our readers see themselves represented, and empowers allies to educate themselves t ...

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