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In Case You Get Hit by a Bus

The odds of getting hit by a bus are 495,000 to 1. But the odds that you’re going to die someday? Exactly. Enter In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You're Not Around, the easy-to-follow guide designed to help readers take control of modern life’s practical details. Register for this three-author event! About the Book In Case You Get Hit by a Bus, cowritten by Abby ...

  • Wednesday, March 3, 7:00 PM

Susan Conley in Conversation with Lily King

Darien Library and Barrett Bookstore are thrilled to welcome Susan Conley for a virtual conversation with Lily King to celebrate Conley's new novel, Landslide, and the paperback release of Lily King's acclaimed novel Writers and Lovers. Please register for this wonderful event! Praise for Landslide “Somehow, with wizardly brilliance and ease, Conley’s stunning new novel is about the global conce ...

  • Thursday, February 25, 7:00 PM

Carola Lovering in Conversation with Sara Shepard

Darien Library and Barrett Bookstore are thrilled to welcome Darien resident Carola Lovering to our virtual event space to celebrate the release of Too Good to be True. Carola will appear in conversation with New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars, The Crying Game). Register for this amazing event! About Too Good to Be True One love story. Two marriages. Three version ...

  • Tuesday, March 2, 7:00 PM

Author: Harlan Coben in Conversation with John Grisham

Darien Library and Barrett Bookstore are excited to welcome Harlan Coben, a #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of the world's leading storytellers. His suspense novels are published in forty-five languages and have been number one bestsellers in more than a dozen countries, with seventy-five million books in print worldwide. Joining Harlan in conversation about his book, Win, we welcome ...

  • Monday, March 22, 7:00 PM

Borrowing & Fees

Things to Know Darien residents will be issued a library card immediately. A valid ID is required. All programs and services available to Darien residents are available to those who work full-time in Darien. You may apply for a card by showing proof of employment. Non-Residents may use their valid hometown library card or register by showing an ID with their current address. For additional inform ...

  • Last Updated 1 year ago

Patron Behavior Policy

Print this policy Purpose In an effort to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all Library patrons, the Board of Trustees of the Darien Library has established a Library Patron Behavior Policy. The Policy is designed to provide clear and reasonable guidelines governing patron behavior within the Library and on the Library premises. Unacceptable Behavior Unacceptable behavior includes beh ...

  • Last Updated 8 months ago

Meeting Rooms Policy

Print this policy Statement of Policy The Darien Library subscribes to Article IV of the Library Bill of Rights which states that facilities should be made available to the public served by the Library on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. The Darien Library considers the availability and use of its Meeting Rooms as an integ ...

  • Last Updated 2 years ago

Get a Library Card

Do you want to join Darien Library? That's great! We're glad to have you here. To check out materials or use a computer, you need to have a library card. It's a quick and easy process. Just come to the Welcome Desk when you first enter the Library to get started. To get a Darien Libary Card Bring in to the Welcome Desk something with your Darien address on it (e.g. a piece of mail, your license, l ...

  • Last Updated 11 months ago

Local History

Vital Records Vital records like birth, marriage, and death certificates may be accessed at Darien Town Hall. You need to be a member of a Connecticut genealogy society to access vital records at town and city records within the state. Probate and Land Records are also available in the Town Clerk's office. Local genealogy societies include Middlesex Genealogical Society and Connecticut Ancestry So ...

  • Last Updated 8 months ago

Expand Your Learning: Lerner Distance Learning Library

Check out Lerner Digital’s Distance Learning Library! To help librarians, teachers and educators better aid students with remote learning, Lerner Publishing Group has made a selection of their digital products available for free through the end of June. All of the available titles are read-alouds, though you can choose not to utilize this featur ...

  • Last Updated 10 months ago
  • Kaitlin (CL STAFF) Frick

Homeschool Play: Storytelling

Welcome back to Homeschool Play, where we’re merging learning and play that the whole family can enjoy. Let’s start off the week by telling some stories. Storytelling is an ancient art form, practiced by our oldest ancestors--and yet we still enjoy stories today!

  • Last Updated 10 months ago
  • Catherine Stricklan

Is This Real Life: Realistic Fiction Recommendations

If you’re struggling to find enough books to satisfy your voracious reader, Darien Library’s still got you covered! Miss Kaitlin and Miss Mia are sharing new booklists on OverDrive and the library’s website weekly to highlight more digital content your child/teen is sure to enjoy. This week, be sure to check out our realistic fiction list for 4th and 5th graders:

  • Last Updated 9 months ago
  • Kaitlin (CL STAFF) Frick

Historical Fic Picks

Darien Library’s readers have a wide range of interests, and we love helping our patrons find that perfect next read. But within the Children’s Library, historical fiction is a perennial favorite. So here are a few of our favorite historical fiction titles, all available digitally via OverDrive or Hoopla, for your social distancing reading needs:

  • Last Updated 9 months ago
  • Kaitlin (CL STAFF) Frick

Homeschool Play: Painting Toys

Welcome back to Homeschool Play, where we’re merging learning and play that the whole family can enjoy. Today we’re practicing hand-eye coordination and some zen mess making by painting toys with finger paint!

  • Last Updated 9 months ago
  • Catherine Stricklan

It's the Arbor Day Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Arbor Day Edition of _You Are What You Read_. Today is, indeed, Arbor Day for those keeping score. Originally begun in Nebraska in 1872 by settlers who missed their trees, it became official in 1907 with a proclamation by Theodore Roosevelt. It is in fact, tree pollen making some of us so miserable with grass a close second. I think that if my eyes and throat are to be ...

  • Last Updated 4 years ago
  • (7 items)

It's The Mother's Day Edition

Greetings and welcome to the Mother’s Day Edition of _You Are What You Read_. We will be taking a break next week, as I will be finishing up 4 days in The Windy City at Book Expo America aka Jen’s Idea of Heaven, where I will have been living, breathing and eating what’s coming up for the next year in Publishing. And you know I’ll share what I learn. With you. When? When I am damn good and ready, ...

  • Last Updated 4 years ago
  • (7 items)

Big Weather

Hurricanes! Floods! Tornados! These are stories for those who enjoy reading true accounts of the biggest, the scariest, the most devastating storms of all times-- armchair weather travel, as it were.

  • Last Updated 4 years ago
  • (16 items)

Abby Raises Eyebrows

**At The Top Of The Hour with Jen** Happy Days Are Here Again.... ...the New York Times recently printed a good, (....a great!) review by Sarah Lyall on Curtis Sittenfeld's **_Eligible_**. So the vapors have lifted from Jen and Stephanie as the NY Times Book Review crushed the one nitty nay-sayer from weeks passed (whose name will not be revealed). "Many readers, and twitterverse, came to ...

  • Last Updated 4 years ago
  • (6 items)

New York Times Bestsellers: Non-Fiction

Top non-fiction bestsellers from _The New York Times_.

  • Last Updated 1 year ago
  • (14 items)
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researchIT CT Newsstream

Full text of the Boston Globe and Christian Science Monitor, 1988-current. Hartford Courant, 1992-current. Los Angeles Times, 1985-current. New York Times, 1997-current. Wall Street Journal, 1982-current. Washington Post, 1987-current.

  • Last Updated 1 year ago

New York Times

Free complimentary access to the NYTimes.com simply redeem access using the Library's code on the following page.

  • Last Updated 2 years ago

Darien Times

Darien Times June 19, 2003 - current

  • Last Updated 5 months ago

Old Farmer's Almanac

This is the online version of the Old Farmer's Almanac, "North America's oldest continuously published periodical." It lists interesting information about the weather, sunrise and sunset times, phases of the moon, gardening information, seasonal recipes and crafts, and many other items. Can you find out what the weather was like on the day you were born?

  • Last Updated 4 years ago

New York Times Historical (1851-2013)

Searchable full-text and images from The New York Times archive. Find every article, every issue since the newspaper's very first issue.

  • Last Updated 3 years ago
  • In library use only

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